7 Foods You Need To Avoid Before Hitting Gym

You are an active gymer, so you should have understood the importance of being full of energy before hitting to the gym.

Right food that is low in fat but high in carbohydrates and protein can help you keep the level of energy up and continue cycling on stationary bike or keep on lifting with those dumbbells or weights until your workout routine finishes.

While oatmeal, banana, Greek yogurt, wheat toast or cottage cheese can be excellent choices and great sources of fuel for gymers as perfect pre-workout snacks, there are some food that are normally appear in our daily diet but will surely weigh you down during exercises.


  1. Fatty food

Actually, even if you are not trying to shape up, you still need to stay away from food that contains lots of fat such as burgers, French fries, pizza, etc.

Those food can be tasty but they should never ever be on the list of gymers’ diet. Fat takes too long time for your body to digest and thus make you feel full, slow you down and sometimes cause muscle cramps.

fatty foods

  1. Sugary drinks

Most of our favourite drinks like store-bought smoothies, coke, whipped coffee drinks are way too much sugar which can make you weigh down and cause you to sugar rush or crash later during your workout.

Instead, preparing for yourself a glass of smoothie with real fruit, protein powder and no extra sugar will be a better idea if you want to have a nutritious drink before exercising.

  1. Hummus

You might be surprised that your healthy creamy smooth hummus could be a terrible choice right before your workout.

Even the bean-based foods like hummus contain a great source of protein, but they are also high in indigestible carbohydrates that can cause you uncomfortable gas and/ or bloating when you are mid-workout.

  1. Salad or raw vegetables

While salad and vegetables are advised for a healthy diet, you really need to consider carefully before eating those raw greens as your pre-workout foods.

Due to their high-fiber content which can slow down digestion, consuming salad could probably lead to gas or bloating that creates discomfort and makes you feel sluggish when you are on the move.

  1. Roasted nuts:

Despite the fact that nuts are great for snacking (and some of them such as Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, etc. are suggested for weight loss), we need to avoid eating high sodium foods such roasted nuts.

With very high amount of salt and oil containing in roasted nuts, the delicate balance of fluids which is required for workouts can be disrupted and leave you dehydrated. Choose organic plain raw nuts instead and you will have a good preparation for your workout.

  1. Spicy foods:

Spicy foods such as Pad Thai or Mexican foods should not be eaten right before workout. Foods with much flavor and seasoning inside require such a long time to digest in your stomach, which will slow you down and cause heartburn during your workout.

Instead, egg whites and chicken breast are much better pre-workout options.

sugary foods

  1. Protein bars:

Protein bars can be found easily in the market and be picked usually by people who are busy and might only get something on-the-way. But you need to stop for a while to take a serious look at their nutrition fact.

Many protein bars have more than 200 calories and less than 10 grams protein, which is no better than a candy bar. This could cause a sugar drop in blood and make you feel more tired during your workout.

If protein bars are the only thing you can find, make sure to take the one with the protein and sugar ratio of 1:1.

In conclusion, your pre-workout snacks should be low in fat and fiber, moderate in protein and carbs, high in fluids to support your workout efficiently.

Also, don’t overeat and you should fuel up at least 30 minutes before your workout (the specific time depends on each food). Eating too much and too closed to your workout will lead to indigestion, sluggishness and nausea.

Essential Things You Must Do After Workout

man pushing up

Many of us have a perfect workout routine, or probably you just a sports athlete. We start with warm up exercises, stretching, bending, and working on the entire muscles of our body with cardio or weights training programs.

But after the last exercise, we often get back to the locker room, get change, and start our journey home with tired and breaking down muscles.

Take a notice that the workout is not actually over yet.

What we do afterward is as important as the workout itself.

The post-workout phase is time to repair our muscles, to build and grow strength and to recover the whole body.

  1. Cool down

Jenn Burke, a professional trainer, once said that a sudden stop in some physical activities could lead to blood pooling in the legs and your blood pressure might drop that you could get dizzy later on.

After lifting on your last set or running fast on machine, you should do some yoga poses or light cardio to bring your heart rate back to normal – about 100 beats per minute.

Some breath related-problems such as shortness of breath can easily put your health at risk. Walking on a treadmill with average speed (about 5m/s) for 5 minutes is also a nice and easy way to cool down.

  1. Stretch

Going straight from the cool down into stretching phase is often advised by many professional trainers – and sometimes they are the same.

Stretching allows your muscles to relax as well as to reduce soreness, and thus growing bigger and stronger. It also helps to recover the flexibility and the range of motion (source: tonebodyfit.com).

Unlike the stretch you perform during warm-up, after practicing exercises, you had better hold the stretches from 10 to 15 seconds each for the best result.

And one more thing, a good stretch is the balance between pain and discomfort, so do the stretch to where you feel uncomfortable but not hurting.

woman lifting barbell

  1. Rehydrate

The body sweats a lot to cool itself during your exercises, that’s why you always need to provide water for muscles to continue working.

After an intense workout, replenishing your body is still in need to decrease muscle soreness, increase strength and avoid getting dehydrated.

So bring a bottle of water with you every time you go to the gym or cardio/ yoga classes, and make sure you’re drinking enough water to stay hydrated.

  1. Refuel

In the same as rehydration, your body will urgently in need of fuel for recovery. Not only have burned hundreds of calories and lost carbohydrates during exercises, you have also actually broken down your muscles.

One of the most popular post-workouts nutrition is the protein shake. Lots of trainers recommend athletes getting a glass of protein shake 15 to 30 minutes after working out, when the metabolic window is open, to kick-off the muscle rebuilding and replenishing process.

An ideal recipe is about 3 grams of carbohydrates for each gram of protein, or a ratio of 1:1 carbs to protein if you are trying to lose weight.

If you are not familiar with a protein shake, an egg sandwich on wheat bread or a glass of chocolate milk is a perfect replacement.

  1. Take a cool shower and get change

Taking a shower after workout is beneficial for decreasing the inflammation and starts the healing process as soon as possible.

To make it more effective, it is highly recommended that you turn the shower temperature down that is lower than as usual and then add any of your favorite bath products that can help you relax.

Even if you don’t have time to stay under the shower, clean your body with a towel and change the wet shorts and sport bra into a nice and clean set of clothes.

It’s very important because the sweaty clothes after your workout are the home of millions of germs and bacteria that can lead to skin infection or breakouts.

By making sure that your body has been warmed up and worked out as well cooled down appropriately, you can now maximize the results you’re working out on your body.

Fitness is a lifestyle, let’s get it right and you can enjoy all benefits that a real workout can bring to you.

How to Deal with Insomnia – Ayurveda


One of the most useful aspects of Ayurveda is its deep understanding of how the physical body and sensory intake affects the mind.  All manner of emotional and mental ailments – or as Ayurveda describes, imbalances – can be treated or healed successfully using a wide array of therapies including diet, exercise, massage, herbs, changing habits, color and aromatherapy, and meditation.

Many troubling conditions, even of many years’ duration can be helped or even eradicated using simple methods that can be applied at home with just very little expense.

Consistency and regularity of application along with determining the best methods for one’s own situation are what will effect health improvement.  Most natural healing methods take some time to notice positive change, but with Ayurvedic self-healing techniques, people often notice a turn for the better right away.

Ayurvedic healing methods are especially useful for chronic or difficult imbalances with the mind or emotions for which western medicine has little to offer except often dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, which are sometimes addictive, usually have side effects (learn about Xarelto class actions), and do not get to the root of the problem.

Chronic pain and fatigue, chronic indigestion, difficulties with anger, anxiety or depression and insomnia are all problems that modern medicine has little to offer, yet Ayurvedic treatments can have profound and lasting healing effects.


The home methods of self-massage, aromatherapy, small changes in home environment, diet and yoga and meditation can improve sleep, help to experience real peace and happiness help with unhappy or unwanted moods or thoughts, promote proper digestion and elimination, help diminish or even eliminate chronic pain and fatigue, and many other imbalances that reduce our quality of life.

Insomnia in particular is often considered difficult to treat by western medicine without strong medications, and is a problem for many people.  Without a good night’s rest many other aspects of life are adversely affected, and a vicious cycle can become a life-long problem.

Some people have trouble falling asleep, others can’t get back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night; others are troubled with restless sleep or bad dreams.  All these can be helped with simple Ayurvedic methods that are easy to apply at home; and if one doesn’t seem to do the trick, another one may help or a combination of several.

One of the benefits of improving sleep with Ayurveda is that other aspects of health will also improve – digestion or elimination, energy, and positive emotional and mental outlook.  Proper sleep and proper digestion are two vital foundations of physical and mental health.

Best Exercises You Can Do Using an Elliptical Machine

elliptical trainer workouts

Remaining fit is definitely very important and among numerous fitness machines, the elliptical has been proven the most efficient in helping out individuals.

The equipment is known to offer low impact, but highly effective aerobic workouts for people of any age. The elliptical machine works very scientifically by raising the heartbeat, which is generally more than the treadmill, thus workout on these are more effective than in any other.

Increased body weight is indeed one of the most common problems faced by people across the world and this can be easily overcome through regular workouts on the elliptical trainer. Though both elliptical and treadmills are equally effective, yet elliptical has obtained more popularity due to its scientific approach of it. The machine provides a total body workout contributing to your weight loss mission successfully and for this it needs to be used very efficiently!

Most often people find workouts on the elliptical too boring. This usually happens when one spend hours on it. While to keep your regime interesting, choosing a particular exercise regularly is important as it will make the session an effective weight loss session, without getting boring.

Different exercises

Among the many workout regimes, the elliptical booty workout is listed at the top of the list. This workout mainly aims at toning your backside, as well as gives a good cardio workout session. The booty workout can work wonders for your backside by making sure your heels are down while working out on the machine.

The core workout is yet another workout which is performed by not using the handles of the elliptical machine. It engages every muscle of your body in the process of staying balanced on the machine and thus the faster you choose to go, the more you can work your core on it!

The third in the list is of course the elliptical treadmill workout. This workout demands you to keep running on the machine just like one does on a treadmill, by keeping your hands on the elliptical handle instead of keeping it on a running position as on a treadmill. For a time bound workout session, the short interval elliptical workout can be best preferred. This regime is only 22 minutes long, and is best for burning down calories.

For beginners

Apart from these workouts, there are also prescribed workout regimes for beginners. For beginners it is recommended to try out the beginning elliptical workout.

This session generally incorporates how to make use of various features of the elliptical machine by testing features as well as by challenging your core stability.

The elliptical intervals shrinking recovery workout is also worth giving a try. This workout session decreases the amount of rest time allotted, thus strengthening your cardiovascular system as well as pushing your anaerobic threshold.

To experience these workouts at their best, it is important to maintain a correct posture, while one is on the machine, otherwise there can be an undesired injury. So, get started with elliptical trainers today, and you will notice the change it brings about in your physique in the least span of time!

Methodology X – The Model Workout

methodology X

If you are looking to lose weight, get fit and have a super model body without bulking too much muscles, then you need a unique workout called Methodology X.

This home-based workout is not your typical exercise videos or fitness eBooks you stumble online. It was designed by Dan Roberts, one of Europe’s best personal trainers with 20 years of experience under his belt.

Methodology X is a fitness craze among celebrities and super models and most of Dan’s clients are satisfied with the results. Not only that, if you are a trainer and you want new dimensions on your fitness style, Methodology X is the perfect addition to your workout classes.

Read on and learn how Methodology X can help turn your body into a toned and sexy physique!

Methodology X Overview

Methodology X or sometimes called “Method X” is a 21-day home workout guide eBook (multimedia-type), designed for and inspired by models. This doesn’t mean that it is not for you if you don’t have a model-type of body because this workout will help you to achieve sexiness.

Dan Roberts, the creator of Methodology X, has a deep knowledge about fitness and is doing fitness coaching for 2 decades now and his expertise is now available to you via this unique home-based eBook workout program.

dan roberts of methodology xMethodology X will basically help you to get hot and lean body just like those healthy supermodels you see on TV. Dan has spent doing this training course to princesses, movie stars, models and celebrities, which all can be found on Methodology X’s official site.

While the 21-day home workout program is not designed to help you bulk up some muscles, you have the option to contact Dan for personal fitness coaching if you prefer muscle building training programs.

Initially designed for women, Methodology X is now modified to fit both males and females fitness enthusiasts who wants to have a great body without too much risks in both your finances and health.

Why Methodology X is Perfect for You?

Any types of workout is good for you as long as you are completely motivated with your commitment to reach your fitness goals. With that said, how does Methodology X differs from the rest of the competition?

You probably tried dozens of workout programs or videos at home and some probably worked for you. What makes Methodology X different from popular home workout programs is that, it is designed to tone your body, not to bulk you up like a body builder.

What does it mean? This means that Methodology X is designed to burn more calories and fat to achieve sexy and toned physique, just like those super models. But Method X can also help you build muscles and develop abdominal core, just like what he did to his male models and athlete customers.

method x training program

Methodology X Features

Methodology X is 100% safe and will cost you less than $40 (limited time offer). If you purchase MethodologyX right now, you also get two additional great eBooks – Nutritional Secrets and Model Yoga, both of which are designed to compliment your Method X workout.

Methodology X Ebook is a multimedia book with built-in videos of all the key exercises you need. You can download this eBook and play it on your computer, smartTV, laptop, tablet or mobile phones.

methodology x features

Purchase Methodology X Right Now!

Methodology X is now being licensed to personal trainers in the UK who wants to offer Method X into their fitness classes.

If you are a fitness coach, you can take advantage of offering Methodology X to your students and give more variations to your fitness resume. However, you need to purchase this Methodology X first and a qualification approval from Dan Roberts himself.

To take advantage of these offers, visit Methodology X official website right now.

Facts About Protein that You Should Know


If you are a fitness buff and a gym addict, you are probably familiar with thousands of protein products and supplements for bodybuilding purposes. Have you ever tried protein shakes or the more conventional egg-eating feast?

Protein is an important nutrient that our body needs everyday, and it is very popular in the fitness world. Most workout enthusiasts spends thousands of dollars just to buy the most expensive protein products for their muscle growth requirements. But remember that protein supplementation is not just for bodybuilders, it is also for people who are highly protein-deficient.

Read this article and and learn different facts about protein supplementation.

Why You Need Protein?

Protein has tons of benefits but can also pose some health risks. Protein is used by your body to repair and build tissues, while it plays a big role on producing enzymes, hormones and other bodily chemicals.

Your body needs a lot of protein because it is a macronutrient. However, protein is not stored in the body so you have to get it somewhere else such as foods and supplements. Your daily protein needs depends on your weight and your daily caloric intake.

Too much protein can be deadly while being protein-deficient is likewise risky. So you need proper amounts of protein everyday to stay healthy and fit.

In general, protein is known to help you lose weight naturally or to ease yourself from too much burden with regards to weight management. It can also help you to feel full, longer.

Too Much Protein is Dangerous to Your Health

If you are planning to bulk up those skinny body of yours, don’t just depend on protein supplements because that is the biggest misconception about taking protein products. You need to identify your daily caloric intake before you can formulate the right amounts of protein for your body.

Consuming too much protein (more than 30% of your total daily caloric intake) is harmful for your body. You also need to consider your physical activities while taking protein supplements. So you need to balance your calorie intake and increase your workout activities if you want to successfully grow muscle tissues.

Plus, a dominant protein diet can cause toxic ketones buildup. When this happens,  your kidneys will have a hard time disposing these ketones from your body. For your kidney’s to flush these ketones, it needs more water which puts you at risk of dehydration especially if you exercise.

Once you loses water, it leads to muscle loss and bone calcium which is not a healthy weight loss. The dehydration also affects your kidneys and puts your heart into overdrive, so it is a chain reaction.

Other health issues that can be triggered by excessive protein intake are bad breath, nausea, weak feeling, dizziness and other serious health conditions. So next time you eat too much seafoods, egg or meat, ensure that you balance your diet with calories and regular exercise.

Is Protein Supplements for You?

Now that you know the negative effects of too much protein, are you still interested in taking protein supplements for your muscle building needs?

The most popular protein supplement is called “whey protein” and there are several variants available which of course depends on your preferences. Whey protein is used for athletic performance enhancements, as a food supplement (for protein-deficient individuals) and as an alternative to milk.

Whey protein supplements are often used for muscle gains, recovery and maintenance. So do you need to take protein supplements? This depends on various factors which were mentioned above.

There is actually nothing wrong with taking whey protein as these products are supplements and safe. Just ensure that you incorporate a physically active lifestyle to enjoy the benefits of whey protein.

I reviewed a couple of whey protein products in this site and I recommend that your read and consider WheyMax from PharmaMuscle.



Whey Protein – WebMD | Free Digital Photos

Lose that Fat First!

lose that fat first

To be able to have a gorgeous sexy and muscular body, you have to deal with your body fat first. After all, this is the hardest part of bodybuilding. So how do you overcome weight gain or should I say, how can you lose weight fast?

If you think that you are in a weight loss plateau, then you will have a very difficult time losing weight. Why? Because you already lost the battle mentally! If you can’t overcome your health dilemma psychologically, then how can you win physically? That’s right, you need to think positive all the time and success will definitely follow.

Most fit individuals didn’t get their sexy body overnight, it took a lot of efforts and time to actually achieve their current fitness status (or at least some time to find out what is cryolipolysis in reading, as well as other alternatives to physical activity way). Can you do the challenge?

Fitness Requirements that You Should Strictly Follow

Okay, to be able to get a healthy body, you need to set some health standards that  you will strictly follow in long-term. So it is like a lifetime commitment goal, which is of course for your own interest. But first, you need to get rid of those ugly fats that are disfiguring your body.

We all know that to be able to lose weight, you need to exercise and eat healthy together with some weight loss support such as supplements. But in general, you only need three important elements to become successful and these are the following:

  • Discipline
  • Consistency
  • Money

Those are my three simple rules on how to lose weight fast. This post will focus on these three factors on how and why it can help achieve your fitness goals in no time.


Discipline is all it takes to get everything in life. Without it, you will not be able to achieve anything. Same goes to weight loss and bodybuilding. You need to show that you also have discipline for the sake of your health.

Discipline is comprised of many attributes of life where it can guide you in the right direction towards your goals through right mindset and proper motivation. If you are motivated, do you think there will still be some hindrances on your way? Some diet and weight loss experts always suggest that you should have that motivation in you wherever or whenever you may be. It is the key that will prevent you from distractions, distractions that can alter your weight loss goals.

From motivation, comes sacrifices. Of course, you can’t lose weight without any efforts on your part. You need to dedicate yourself to your goal and commit until you succeed. Your weight loss sacrifices will be difficult and it will be life changing as well.

How will it change your life? If you want to lose weight, you need to change your overall habits, behavior and personality. You need to become a new you! This includes a new dieting regimen, healthy lifestyle and more of a health-conscious mindset.

Without discipline, you won’t succeed in losing those fat. Without discipline, your dream of having a sexy and muscular body will remain as a dream. Think about it, are you on a weight loss plateau because you don’t have discipline? If you are, then this is the right time to change and act accordingly for the betterment of your overall health.


Next is consistency. Most dieting and fitness experts agree that not being consistent makes your workout or weight loss program useless. In general, inconsistency is always a negative thing and same goes to fitness. If you are inconsistent, expect failure right from the start of your program.

Lose that fat firstLike discipline, consistency is a big factor if you want to lose significant weight. Consistency involves time and showing patience on your weight loss endeavors. Why? Because nobody lost weight overnight. You need to earn it through consistent body workout, dieting or any other activities that can help achieve your goal.

Consistency is also a commitment that you should never fail to follow. If you plan to workout three times a week, then you need to be consistent on that. If you are following a specific dieting program, then you need to complete that program unless your dietitian tells you to stop. Yes, consistency helps make your body to adapt effectively to any changes that you are doing, making it easier for you to achieve your goals in the process.

Practicing both discipline and consistency are enough motivation for you to lose weight. Did you still need money to get going? Lets find out next.


Money is totally different thing from being a disciplined and consistent fitness enthusiast. But you can’t just ignore that facts and lie to yourself that you don’t need money to be able to get fit for life. Money can buy every tools that you need to get you closer to your fitness goals.

Dieting or exercise won’t cost you money. However, if you want to invest something such as weight loss, then you need to provide money for some tools that you will need.

For example, you can do exercises using your body weight (push ups, pull ups, etc.), but you can’t deny the fact that you still need weights and other fitness equipments to further help tone and develop your muscles more. Yes, both cardiovascular and strength training programs can be done with less spending, but spending more for your health is a smart investment.

For dieting, you really need to spend here as you can’t do any type of dieting alone. You can either hire a dietitian expert or buy an eBook in Amazon to get started. You also need some money for your supplements. If you like to fasten your weight loss, you need a trusted and dependable appetite suppressant diet pill that will effectively help you lose weight.

What Happens Next?

If you were able to do your program right and in time, you will be able to achieve weight loss in a safe and natural way. Remember that your endeavor does not end here as you need to maintain your weight as long as possible to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Now that you achieve your weight loss goal, then it is time to get ripped, tone and ultimately have a sexy body for life. Learn more how you can achieve muscular and healthy body in my next blog post! From the meantime, follow these simple steps and lose that fat first!

Do You Really Need an Exercise Mat?

exercise mat

Are you planning on buying your own exercise accessories? If yes, then you probably had an exercise mat on your list right? Most people overlook the many benefits of using exercise mat on their workout program especially with pilates or yoga. If you already have a mat, then it is a wise choice in your part.

Why is it so hard for people to spend at least $25 for an exercise mat? Maybe they are thinking that a towel bath or a carpet is enough to be an alternative to exercise mat. Well, if you are a safety first individual, you will view an exercise mat as a guarantee for workout safety.

This post will give you ideas about some of the advantages of owning an exercise mat for your exercise program.

Is an Exercise Mat an Essential Workout Equipment?

If you are a type of guy that loves to exercise alone at home, then getting the right gym equipments and accessories are essential requirements for a successful fitness program. However, not all people are inclined to have exercise mat because they thought that it is not necessarily an essential tool.

Why? Because you can easily use alternative mat-like equipments such as a towel or your carpet. If your floor is carpeted or made from hardwood, you definitely have little need of exercise mat. But doing so will increase your risk of injuries because exercise mats are specifically built for comfort and exercise safety.

Unknown to you and to many workout enthusiasts out there, an exercise mat is very useful for various types of workouts such as floor exercises, abdominal crunches, pilates or yoga routines. So depending on your favorite exercise, an exercise mat could be an essential accessory.

Exercise mat don’t slip like a carpet does, so you will get better traction. It will lessen any possibilities of injuries compared to just using a towel or any other floor mats. Plus, exercise mats can get too sticky when wet, which means that it will hold further when you sweat during your workout.

exercise mats

Types of Exercise Mats

You might think that all exercise mats are similar to each other, but there are big differences which depends on what type of exercise that the mat will be used for.

Exercise mats differ in sizes, thickness, texture, as well as the material it is made of. Several exercise fits on a particular type of mat, which is the reason why there are various types of exercise mats that are available in the market.

Pilates Mat

Pilates mat are much thicker than yoga mat. The general size of pilates mat is 1.5 to 1.9cm thick, 140 to 216cm long and 58 to 100cm wide. Pilates mats have a gripping surface on the bottom which guarantees that it will not slide on the floor.

Yoga Mat

As mentioned earlier, yoga mats are thinner than pilates. So thin, the user actually feels the floor underneath it. Why is yoga mat thin? Because most yoga routines have a lot to do with standing positions.

The common size of yoga mats are 0.3 to 0.6cm thick, 55 to 80cm wide and 47 to 75cm long. Most yoga mat are made from PVC and tends to have more traction to prevent slipping.

General Purpose Mat

A general purpose mat is used for various types of floor exercises such as strength training, abdominal crunches and stretching routines. It is narrower than pilates mats but are similar in overall size.

Heavy Duty Exercise Mat

Heavy duty mats are commonly set up in gyms, which typically to avoid various types of injuries such as knee injuries, spine, ankles and neck. These type of mats are thick and are mostly fixed on the floor and cannot be moved easily. You can have this type of mat at home if you want a permanent exercise mat set up across your room.

Get Your First Exercise Mat Today!

If you are now convinced that an exercise mat is a necessity for your workout program, then it is time to choose which type of mat is the best for you. I previously wrote an article about HemmingWeight Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat which is one of the bestselling exercise mat on Amazon. You may want to have a look at my review and see if it fit your taste.

Otherwise, you can browse a wide variety of exercise mat at Amazon and choose which one is the most suitable for your fitness program.

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