Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Do you want to get ripped and triple your strength? Are you looking for a perfect dip stand that will make your pull up workouts complete? If yes, then Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is probably the best equipment that will fit your workout program.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is one of the bestselling dip stand tower in Amazon (four star average rating) and one of the most trusted in the fitness industry. With its affordable price tag, it is very difficult to resist this beautiful but sturdy machine.

This short gym equipment review will give you a quick insight on what this machine can truly offer especially with regards to long-term fitness. Read on and learn how Body Vision PT600 Power Tower can help you reach fitness success.

What is Body Vision PT600 Power Tower?

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is owned and distributed by Body Vision, maker of quality and affordable fitness machines. Like many other dip stands, this equipment offers an amazing range of upper body, lower body and core exercises.

As mentioned above, Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is one of the bestselling pull-up stations in the industry. Why? Take a look on the following advantages:

  • Multi-station free standing workout tower (perfect for upper and lower body as well as core exercises)
  • Multi-grip chin and pull up bar
  • Dip station to train triceps, leg raise option for training quads and abdominals
  • Slip-free foot grips are height adjustable, and also double as push-up bars
  • Padded arm and back pads for workout convenience
  • Easy assembly – solid and stable
  • Affordable – value for money

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is perfect for pull ups, chin ups, muscle ups, dips, bent knee and straight leg raises. With a pair of press up station at the bottom which can double up as foot grips for shorter pull up enthusiasts.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Reviews

If your looking for a good dip and chip up/pull station you found it. It assembled easly, all the parts were there with clear intructions. It is perfect for the home gym, at a great price.

I bought the power tower to do P90x. It is awesome. Very sturdy. Easy to put together. Does the job I need it to do. I love that it has a full pull up bar since you have to do multiple hand positions with the workouts. I would definitely recommend this anyone who is looking for a great power tower to do with your exercise routine.

This is an excellent and well built product for the price. I bought it when it was $99 and it was well worth it. If you have no other work out equipment in your home you should have one of these. Pull-ups and push-ups as well as some ab crunches are just a few feet away for whenever you feel like doing them. You need do only a few at a time. After a while you’ll find yourself needing to do it. The tower is also great for stretching. It was perfectly packaged with quality nuts and bolts clearly labeled on a blister pack. Once together it is super sturdy.

Really works great. I am 225 lbs and it holds my weight nicely. I have to move it around the house a little when I need to use it and it isn’t too bad to move as it is heavy enough to get it’s job done, but light enough that it isn’t an anchor. I use it for P90X. I also like the push up bars, or at least that is what I use them for.

Is Body Vision PT600 Power Tower for You?

Majority of the consumers have only good things to say about this dip stand power tower. However, there are some flaws that you also have to consider before purchasing this equipment as there are some customers who were not satisfied with their fitness investment.

Though Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is a very popular brand and one of the bestselling dip stand in Amazon, the following are the most critical issues that consumers encountered with PT600.


  • Not so sturdy as advertised – slight shaking during pull ups
  • Doing dips will make your head to hit the chin up bar – a design flaw (most machines have the dip stands on the opposite side)
  • The arm bars are too far apart

While these information are true, it is good to note that Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is limited to 250 pound individual. Most negative comments about its instability issues are from people who weighs more than its suggested weight limit.

Overall, Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is still one of the most practical and dependable dip stands that you can find in the market. Positive reviews overwhelmed all the negative issues that were reported in Amazon.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Full Specifications

  • Easy to assemble
  • Padded arm and back pads
  • Slip-free foot grips (height adjustable) – double as push up bars
  • Dip station
  • Multi-grip chin and pull up bar
  • Multi-station free standing workout tower
  • Traction ready grips
  • Height adjustable frame
  • User weight limit: 250 pounds
  • Machine weight: 70 pounds
  • Dimensions: 42 x 43 x 85 inches

Get your Body Vision PT600 Power Tower now and take advantage of your body weight with this dependable dip stand tower machine.

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  1. do you know how i can get in touch with the company body vision? i have the body vision PC945A power cage that i am missing parts for and would like to order them unless it’s something you would do. thank you.

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