Charlene Johnson’s PiYo Workout

Charlene Johnson's PiYo Workout

Modernity now is being free for what we want, many people are doing what they want or need and majority of them are inventing something that is eye-catching like this Charlene Johnson’s Piyo Workout.

If you are obsessed of new exercises, then this routine is for you. This Piyo who originally created by Charlene Johnson, is a compilation of DVD’s where you can find the workout instructions, processes or routines which will help you to burn calories (even excess fat), sculpt your body and at the same time, tone your muscles and increase your flexibility.

By following the workout instructions, it will give you faster result regardless of your age and body type. This workouts will help give you noticeable results in all over your body. It is suitable for you, if you are a person that wants a better physique

Charlene Johnson’s PiYo Workout Features

12 Workouts on 4 DVDs

  • Align: The Fundamentals – This is an important workout which will help you to understand and perform the workouts well.
  • Define: Lower Body –This workout helps your muscles works on your thighs & calves and helps you to strengthen your lower body including hamstrings.
  • Define: Upper Body – By the help of this workout you can reshape your upper body especially in your arms.
  • Sweat – This workout is effective to help body sculpting superbly easy. It also helps you to burn calories by the help of yoga practices at a dynamic speed.
  • Core – This workout will help you to build a strong core, flat, sculpted abs and oblique, as well as a strong and sexy back.
  • Strength Intervals – By these nonstop body movements, burning lots calories are possible.
  • Drench – This endurance workout works on every muscle in your body. Through a warm up and stretching it will make your heart rate faster and speed up your metabolism with the result of improving your endurance.
  • Sculpt – This workout uses your muscles to make your body totally tone. This process keeps your muscles works under tension for different periods of time.
  • Buns – This workout will help you to make your backside body tighten specially on butt and also works on thigh and legs.
  • TurboFire HIIT 20 – This process will push you to the limit with this intense throwback.

Powerful Tools

  • Quick Start Guide –This guide will help you to know how to start while giving you tips to achieve the body that you want. It will make you knowledgeable what is the best workout that suits your body.
  • PiYo 60-Day Workout Calendar – This calendar will help monitor your workout. And this will remind you which workout is working for you. If you want, you can use this as Strength Accelerated calendar.
  • PiYo Strength Accelerated Calendar – This training workout calendar for accelerated results will help you for much better results by adding more workouts to your routine based on your 60-Day Workout Calendar.

piyo workout calendar


  • Full Body Blast (30 min) – It uses Beachbody Strength slides to make you burn fats in high potential.
  • Strong Legs (30 min) – It uses Beachbody Strength Slides to have a strong and define legs through lunging, squatting, and stretching.
  • Yoga Mat – This mat has made of durable material that has a cushioned and textured surface to promote nonslip traction and comfortable control, also easy to bring, if you want other place to burn those calories.

*The Yoga Mat contains natural rubber latex which may cause severe allergic reactions.*


  • Get Lean Eating Plan this plan is absolutely designed for healthy eating lifestyle. Eating variety of nutritious food helps you get fit and will give you an easy way to have a lean, strong and define body.  With this combination of eating proper foods while doing workouts will result in a perfect healthy body inside and out.
  • Tape Measure – measuring is a way to track your progress as you lose those fats.
  •  Strength Slides with Booties – this help stimulate your glutes, and activate muscles at the same time while increasing the intensity of your workout and slip the booties over the slides to use on smooth surfaces.

This workout combination gives a result of muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga and it cranks up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined. It also takes you through low-impact stretching, strengthening, and body weight resistance-based exercises that promotes lean muscle development.


  • 12 Workouts on 4 DVD’s; you can make variety of workouts.
  • Complete training program for both beginners and seasoned athletes


  • Not giving intensity like lifting on gym
  • Quite pricey

charlene johnson's piyo workout DVD


This Charlene Johnson’s PiYo Workout is perfect for those who have a hectic schedule, no time to go to the gym but have lots of excess fats to lose and to those who want to improve their health.

The intense cardio can give you a significant and fast full body transformation, so if you were at your old workout process this is a sign to try new experience, excitements and a challenging way of making your body fit.

21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese

21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese

21 Day Fix is a complete fitness program that will give you a slim, toned, strong and sexy physique in just 21 days! Are you committed in your fitness program? If yes, then fitness regimen might be suitable for you.

There are a lot of fitness videos that you can use for your workouts. However, there are only a handful of video fitness programs that can truly deliver.

With that in mind, there is only one company that can truly give results and that is BeachBody, maker of successful workout videos such as Focus T25, Insanity and P90X.

Read on and learn the many features of BeachBody’s latest offering that will help turn your body from fat, into a sexy and toned physique.

What is 21 Day Fix?

21 Day Fix is designed by well-renowned fitness coach and a former fitness bikini model Autumn Calabrese. Owned and marketed by BeachBody, this fitness program is one of the company’s rising and bestselling program. In fact, 21 Day Fix is now the top ranked exercise video in Amazon.

This fitness program offers a nutritional fitness regimen that will make your weight loss so simple and easy, no matter your body type is. It features 2 30-minutes DVD workouts that will jump start your weight loss in the right direction.

21 day fix with autumn calabrese21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese also features an easy-to-follow portion control dieting plan, which will help you to live the life you wanted without too much food restriction.

Most diets are set up to fail and that is not all, fad diets are also risky for your health. You will get the wrong food while doing workouts in the dark. Success is impossible if you don’t have the right support. 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese can help you break this kind of cycle.

This exercise video program is composed of 6 workouts plus 1 bonus workout on 2 DVDs, 7 color-coded portion-control containers. Plus, it has Shakeology shaker cup, 21 Day Fix Start Here, 21 Day Fix Eating Plan and 3 Day Quick Fix.

Autumn guarantees that you can lose up to 15 pounds in just 21 days. This program is simple, fast and it works. Of course, this program is for people who are serious and committed to follow the program up to the last day.

How does 21 Day Fix Work?

21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese is not a fad diet and it is the opposite. This program makes both dieting and fitness so simple, making anyone to get great weight loss results.

This fitness program requires no counting, no guessing and no confusing directions. 21 Day Fix offers an easy-to-follow portion control dieting with one 30-minute workout per day.

21 day fix with autumn calabrese diet program

Features of 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese

6 Easy-to-Follow Workouts on 2 DVDs

The six workouts of 21 Day Fix is its main feature. These exercises are packed in a two quality DVDs. Each exercises can burn calories in just 30 minutes.

21 day fix with autumn calabrese 6 workoutsThese workouts are designed to be short so you can do your other endeavors. However, these exercise should not be taken lightly as it will challenge you at every level to help maximize fat loss.

Each workout has a modifier on screen to help show you how to reduce your workout intensity without reducing your weight loss benefits. Below are the six workouts.

1. Total Body Cardio Fix

This workout will keep your heart rate up and your metabolic rate high, long after the workout is over.

2. Upper Fix

This workout is focused on your resistance training which helps you tone and shape your chest, back, shoulders, arms and abdominal area.

3. Lower Fix

Now you can firm and tone your entire lower body with 21 Day Fix – Lower Fix workout. This help firm and tone your entire lower body while you burn fat and calories.

21 day fix 6 workouts4. Pilate Fix

Pilate Fix is designed to help strengthen your core, elongate your muscles and firm your hips and thighs.

5. Cardio Fix

21 Day Fix can improve your cardiovascular health with its Cardio Fix workout. Get your heart pumping and your body moving as you breakdown fat that will inevitably lead to pounds loss.

6. Yoga Fix

Lastly, Autumn Calabrese offers you Yoga Fix, the workout that will help improve your balance, flexibility and strength, as you help relax your muscles.

Your 21-Day Portion-Control System

21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese offers you its 21-Day Portion-Control System. How does it work? With 21 Day Fix, you can not forget about the ounces, cups and calories when dieting.

As you lose weight with its unique 6 workouts, you can further lose weight with its totally unique way of dieting method. 21 Day Fix gives you seven color-coded containers and a Shakeology shaker cup that you can use during your 21 Day Fix fitness program.

This can help deliver accurate food portions on your every meal, so you won’t eat too much or too little. You can fill these containers with as much food as you want. The rule is, if it fits, you can eat it!

For example, the color-coded containers can be used as the following:

  • Green – Vegetables
  • Purple – Fruit
  • Red – Protein
  • Yellow – Carbohydrates
  • Blue – Health fats and cheese
  • 2 Orange – Seeds and oils
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup – Drinks

21-day portion-control system

4 Free Bonus Gifts

With 21 Day Fix, you will not just getting 2 fitness DVDs and a dieting tools. Autumn Calabrese will also give you four bonuses that will further help you lose weight.

Below are the bonuses and freebies from Autumn Calabrese.

21 Day fix Eating Plan

21 Day Fix offers a simple eating plan that offers a step-by-step dieting process and makes your portion control much more easier. The 21 Day Fix Eating Plan is a delicious and healthy food choices that will not force you to count calories, but will let you watch your pounds off.

3 Day Quick Fix

This 3 Day Quick Fix is Autumn Calabrese’s secret weapon for losign weight fast. Many dieters said that this 3 Day Quick Fix is ideal to follow if you are getting ready for an important celebration or event such as a photo shoot or you just want to get your body beach-ready.

Dirty 30 Workout

This workout is consist of 4 rounds of fat-burning exercise that will tone and develop a leaner, stronger and sexier body physique.

24/7 Online Support

This is the best part. Online support is crucial if you want to be guided correctly as you do the 21 Day Fix program. Get extra support and motivation from weight loss experts and other 21 Day Fix customers.

21 day fix free bonus gifts

21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese Reviews

I’m so grateful for 21 day Fix. I have been struggling for the past two years to drop 35lb’s. I started the program on 6/9 and as of today 8/5 I’ve lost 20lb’s. The eating plan is easy to follow, the daily exercise is tough in the beginning, but I haven’t missed one and my morning workout is something I look forward to now…. and I’m not a morning person by a long shot! If your willing to put in the work you will defiantly see results.

While I have not started yet (because I am 8 months pregnant), I have friends who have used it and the results are phenomenal. So important to keep in mind that you MUST follow everything to the “T” if you want maximum results. the hardest part of any workout regimen is staying on track with your diet and the daily workouts but if you push yourself, you will like the results!

I love using the containers to measure my food and don’t have to worry about dieting. I can eat whatever as long it can fix in the correct container. So far, I have lost 5 lbs doing this. The exercise is great too. Doing it both together you can lose the extra pounds.

Marathon runner – and I need more focus on weights and nutrition. Autumn CalabreseIS THE REAL DEAL. I loved her DVDs. They are not too difficult, but I am feeling the burn. I am using muscles I haven’t used in ages! The food options are clean and sufficient for me to work out each day. I highly recommend this DVD..and hoping for the results I am looking for.

21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese  Summary

21 Day Fix is a complete workout system that can truly help you lose weight. Of course, you have to follow each instructions in order to achieve great results. If you are not that motivated, then you are going have a hard time losing weight with this program.

21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese is generally safe for more adult dieters and fitness enthusiasts. There are neither any official complaints for this product online, nor its dieting and workout videos have known side effects.

Plus, this exercise package is from BeachBody, a known fitness company and maker of quality exercise videos. Its name is already your guarantee!

If you have doubts about this program, you can try 21 Day Fix right now and get a 30-day money back guarantee. That will give you more peace of mind from your health and fitness investment.


Hitch Fit

Hitch Fit

Have you heard Hitch Fit? I stumbled into this fitness site as I am searching for a viable gym equipment that I can review. Instead of an fitness machine, I found this online fitness course that is said to be one of the most dependable and trusted (probably the first online training program) fitness program in the Internet.

Hitch Fit is an incredible site where it offers a dozens of training programs that can motivate you not just to lose weight, but develop a fit and sexy physique for life. If you are looking for the most natural way to lose weight and get fit without rushing things, surgeries or hazardous pills, then Hitch Fit can be the best fitness program for you!

Read on and learn why thousands of people now trust and use Hitch Fit as their main fitness training routine.

What is Hitch Fit?

Hitch Fit is owned and produced by top personal trainers and WBFF Pro fitness model athletes Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux-LaCerte, a couple that is so obsessed with fitness and is now sharing their passion to people like you, who want to get out of health’s number one dilemma – being fat!

Founded in 2009, Hitch Fit is a lifestyle and it is about changing your mind set as a whole and being committed on being fit, for life. If you are not motivated enough to get started on any kinds of weight loss or fitness program, Hitch Fit can unleash your true potential.

How? Well, thousands of people have testified that LaCerte’s techniques works on any types of people. The training programs are not just designed to help you lose weight, they are designed to transform your body into a new sexy and fit body.

Hitch Fit has thousands of clients all over the world and these are all possible by only offering its services online. Yes, Hitch Fit is an online fitness program!

When you sign up to Hitch Fit, you are provided with all the right tools that you need to transform your body and your lifestyle in a positive ways, for you to achieve optimal health that will make your life more satisfied and fulfilled.

hitch fit banner

How it Works?

The Hitch Fit official site gives you all the information you need to get fit. Since fitness needs varies, Hitch Fit offers you a unique opportunity to choose which type of fitness program is the best and most suitable for your physique.

After you choose (and purchase) your desired program, you will be sent a list of questions that will help Micah and Diana understand where you are and where you want to be. Your “before pictures” are also useful but not required.

Why Hitch Fit needs your pictures? Well the answer is simple. Your pictures are important because it will help Hitch Fit to see what you look like at the beginning of the program and throughout, they will take updated pics that will then be compared to your previous pictures.

Pictures are important as Hitch Fit is an online fitness program (course if you prefer to call it that way). Images will give you ideas of the changes in your body and if you are not satisfied, Hitch Fit will be accountable.

Hitch Fit offers downloadable book and DVD’s. The DVD will show you how to perform each workouts within your plan. Hitch Fit also has its own YouTube channel, where all exercise demos are available for viewing. The Book meanwhile teaches you the Hitch Fit lifestyle, balanced nutrition and overall fitness techniques.

Hitch Fit Programs

Each Hitch Fit is consist of a custom diet, nutritiona help and workout tips, 12-36 weeks worth of exercises that are split up in 4-6 week plans. The Hitch Fit DVD and book, as well as the personal support from Hitch Fit are also included on each program.

You are encourage to contact Hitch Fit every week to update your physical status and health. Remember that Hitch Fit is designed to help you reach long term fitness success. Below are the Hitch Fit programs.

  • Lose Weight Feel Great Program
  • Competition Prep Program
  • Post Pregnancy I Want My Body Back Program
  • Look Like a Bikini Model Program
  • Look Like a Fitness Model Program
  • Couples Bootcamp Program
  • Muscle Builder Program
  • Lose Weight Feel Great Program
  • The Plus Plan
  • Get Big, Get Ripped Plan
  • Green Power Program

hitch fit programs

Is Hitch Fit for You?

Based on customer satisfaction ratings and testimonials, Hitch Fit is no doubt one of the best online fitness training course that you can get for all your fitness requirements.

Thousands of people are satisfied with the results. Currently, there are thousands of customer testimonials in the Hitch Fit official website, a testament to their business success. Do you want to be a part of Hitch Fit?

If yes, then you can check their official website here to learn more.

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation

Today’s featured exercise video is another dance-type fitness routine called Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation. This dance craze is today’s latest fitness method that offers red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin rhythms and easy-to follow routines.

If you are into dancing and you want to lose some pounds or get ripped, then Zumba Fitness can help truly help you to achieve your fitness goals. This DVD exercise videos offers never-before seen fitness moves that can help sculpt and tone your body, without causing too much stress on your body.

If you want fitness, you need Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation. Read on and find out how this exercise video works.

What is Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation?

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation is just one of the many major products of Zumba Fitness, a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dance-fitness sensation.

Zumba Exercise classes are considered as “fitness-parties”, which blends upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography that makes total-body workout into a fun and enjoyable fitness experience. Zumba Fitness offers DVD sets, music collections, apparel, footwear, video games, interactive Fitness-Concert events, magazines and much more.

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation will get your body movin, grovin and shakin! It will totally keep the weight off through its sexy, exotic rhythms of salsa, cumbia, samba, merengue and more.

Each routines offers interval training sessions that mix fast and slow rhythms with resistance training. This keeps your body in sculpting mode which slowly but surely tones your body because of various fat burning moves. More and more people are now doind Zumba Fitness because they know that it is one of the best fitness routines one can do, and it offers long-term health benefits.

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation includes the following package:

  • 4-DVD, 6-workout fitness set
  • Features unique dance steps, pulsating rhythms and easy-to-follow routines
  • Includes maraca-like toning sticks (supports muscle sculpting purposes)
  • Includes “cardio party” workout and flat abs workout
  • Comes with basic workout, 20-minute express workout and sculpt-and-tone workout

Advantages of Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation from Other Exercise Videos

There are a lot of exercise videos in the market and all of them are effective when it comes to weight loss and muscle building purposes. But what makes Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation DVD set different from the rest?

First off, Zumba Fitness is already trusted brand when it comes to fitness because it exist since 2001. Most people have testified the true efficacy of Zumba dance moves compared to other known and more popular dance videos. This is also the reason why Zumba became an instant celebrity in the fitness world, which also paved way for them to expand their business.

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation alone will give you multiple long-term health benefits through its resistance and interval training routines. Each DVD will work your body from head to toe, giving you a complete workout without giving too much stress.

Exercises starts with basic routines then moving to your favorite target areas such as your core, thighs and abdominal part. The best part is, you are enjoying yourself with Zumba because it combines motivational music that aren’t found in most exercise videos.

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation girl dancing

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation Reviews

Zumba Fitness is wonderful! It’s fun and time goes by so fast when I’m working out. Its easy to fit into my busy day. I work out at least 30min a day. I like to jump around to all the different videos to change it up. After my work out I am swetting so much and ready for shower. I recommend this to anyone. All you larger ladies like me, that don’t want to go into a gym. You feel like everyone is looking at you. This is a great way to work out and loose weight on your on time, in your own home. Like I always say Live… Love…. Laugh and Dance.

I am doin those DVD’s since 10 months at home and I dont get tired of it. I tried other Home DVD’s but I never was motivated. I am every evening happy to do Zumba. There are a few mistakes during the dances (the quality). At the beginning it confused me, now I just continue the steps. When I am finish after 45 minutes my whole Shirt is wet. I lost 58ibs so far. I dont like aerobic. If you like to dance, this is the right excersice for you.

I am really enjoying this work out. I am just starting to workout and find that I can work the 20 minute express into my day. I am getting better with every workout but I am glad that I can Zumba alone, I think I would be too embarrased to do this workout in public(maybe when I get more comfortable with the steps and my body moves more naturally to the beat)…but for now it is fun to Zumba Alone.

I really enjoy working out to the ZUMBA CD’s. I finally found an exercise routine that is enjoyable and I look forward to doing. With ZUMBA and a change in eating habits I have lost 17 lb.s since the first of November. I would (and do) recommend ZUMBA!

Zumba is so much fun! I just received the dvds yesterday. I popped in the Basics video and sweated while learning the steps. They break each step down so its easier to learn. Today I couldnt wait to wake up and do it again. I love to dance so this was perfect unlike other workout dvds that arent designed for all workout levels. I am over 300 lbs, and I have bad knees and this workout didnt give me any problems. If I can do it, so can you!


Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

jillian michaels body revolution

Are you ready to lose weight and get ripped body in just 90 days? If yes, then you must commit yourself to Jillian Michaels Body Revolution fitness guide! This exercise video program is from fitness expert and “Biggest Loser” trainer Jillian Michaels, who will bring her fitness secrets right to your own home!

That is right! You will now have the opportunity to lose significant weight without enrolling to expensive fitness gym and get fit right in the comfort of your own home.

Fitness videos are not new and I already published three of the most popular exercise home programs that Amazon can offer. This is my fourth installment as a testament of my commitment to help you get fit in any way possible.

Read on and learn how Jillian Michaels Body Revolution can help you get fit for life.

What is Jillian Michaels Body Revolution?

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is a fitness program that will help you lose weight, get in shape and build muscular and sexy physique in just 90-days. Unlike BeachBody programs that are led by either Shaun T or Tony Horton, this fitness program is hosted by non-other than celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michael.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution has one primary purpose – to maximize your diet and fitness potential so you will have fast and noticeable results at an accelerated pace. This fitness program offers a complete set of compact, super-effective 30-minute workouts, combined with healthy diet plan. This will enable you to change your body from fatty to sexy physique in just 90 days.

If you are familiar with Jillian, then you have watched her transform lives on television. Now, you can have the opportunity to achieve similar results right at your own home! Jillian will guide you to lose weight by utilizing her metabolic training techniques that will help burn more fat than any known cardio or weight training regimens.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution will intensify your workouts to transform your body, step by step and in a safer and healthy way. The calorie burn can last up to 16 hours per workout and is the result of a three-phase, 15-workout progressive system.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is packed with 15 DVDs, 90-Day Journal, 30-Day Online Club Membership, 7-Day Kick Start Diet, a Meal plan and a fitness guide.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution 3-Phase Fitness Program

Phase 1

The first phase include a low-impact, result-focused routines that will help build core strength, stability and endurance. This phase will put you on the fast track to weight loss with a metabolic makeover.

Phase 2

The next phase is consist of greater resistance, dynamic movements and much more challenging workouts. This phase will help you to further burn more fat and shred your entire body.

Phase 3

The last phase includes high-energy circuits to help tone muscles and shed any remaining fat in your body. It consists of the best-of-the-best exercises to target your trouble zones.

Fitness guide

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Reviews

I have lost a total of 55 pounds with this workout. I have completed two full rounds with a modified third round (instead of spending two weeks on each dvd I spent one week making the third round only six weeks). I highly recommend this series. The only reason I modified the third round is because I didn’t want my progress to be slowed by going back to the ‘beginner dvd’s’. I did not follow the meal plan mainly because I’m a picky eater, but I did keep my calorie intake between 1200-1300 daily.

I’ve been working out 6-7 days a week for 10+ years and never experienced results as quickly and as pronounced from Jillian’s workout. She hit the jack pot…or rather I did in buying her program. Thanks!!

If you follow the program and the workouts, this will work for you. I have seen amazing results and am very happy with the product. I love the variety of the workouts. I love that the diet does not feel like you are deprived of anything and I love having Jillian motivate me along the way. I would highly recommend this for someone trying to shed some weight and get ripped!

Love it. It’s difficult to say the least, but it gives you a great workout in a short period of time. The 1/2 hour does not include warm up & cool down so it’s more like 40 minute workouts. Would highly recommend for an experienced person. Too much for beginners.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Full Program Features

  • 15 Fitness DVDs
  • 90-Day Journal and Bookmark
  • 30-Day Online Club Membership
  • 7-Day Kickstart Diet
  • Fat Burning meal plan
  • Fitness Guide


Focus T25 Workout

Focus T25

Do you love exercise videos for your private workout? If yes, then there are thousands of videos to choose from but only few can truly help you lose weight and build lean muscle mass. BeachBody, producer of one of the best exercise videos in the planet has just recently released another Shaun T masterpiece – Focus T25 Workout.

Shaun T, the world famous trainer for BeachBody and known for its top selling workout videos Hip Hop Abs and Insanity, will once again introduce you to a whole new level of exercise technique that will just take 25 minutes of your time in just 5 days.

Yes, Focus T25 Workout won’t eat up much of your time so it is ideal for busy individuals who want to lose weight and get a ripped body. Read on and learn how this exercise video can help you get fit in no time.

What is Shaun T’s Focus T25 Workout?

As mentioned earlier, Focus T25 Workout is developed by BeachBody, the same company that gave you Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, P90X and many other successful exercise videos that are known today. What is great about this workout is that, it is hosted by Shaun T, one of the best fitness trainers in the industry.

This workout program is comprised of 11 nonstop 25-minute workouts packed on 9 DVDs. It also include a Quick Start Guide, Nutrition Guide, Alpha-Beta Workout Calendars, 5-day Fast Track and a B-Lines Resistance Band (15 lbs.).

resistance bandShaun T knows that every individuals who want to change their body figure just need one thing to succeed – Time! That is the reason why Focus T25 Workout was developed, to give you a complete workout results that can be achieved in just 25 minutes a day.

You probably think that 25 minutes is not enough to get you completely fit, but this program promises that you will get the results you wanted only if you follow the program to the letter, including its dieting requirements.

Shaun T will show you how you can perform an hour-long workout, into just under 30 minutes that will lead to similar or much better fitness results. Focus T25 Workout implies this rule – Focus and Intensity for just 25 minutes! Do it for 5 days and you will get good  results!

Focus T25 Workout is consist of three T25 cycles – Alpha, Beta and Gamma (sold separately on Amazon). Each of these cycles will give you a complete body workout that will help you burn fat, lose weight and develop lean muscle mass.

Focus T25 Workout Cycles


This is the initial cycle for T25 that is composed of 5 weeks. It is entirely focused on building the foundation for your total-body fitness. This cycle includes the following programs:
  • Cardio – 25 minutes of calorie-burning and sweat-drenching cardio routines
  • Speed 1.0 – test your body reflexes and overall quickness in this fast-paced and fat burning program
  • Total Body Circuit – this will focus on your strength and resistance without lifting a single weight
  • Ab Intervals – this is consist of both cardio and ab intervals that is focused on your midsection
  • Lower Focus – this workout is designed to work your lower-body muscles while helping to increase your metabolic rate


Beta cycle is also a 5-week program that is designed to take your body to a whole new level of fitness by focusing on the core. This cycle includes the following programs:

  • Core Cardio – this is a progressive cardio-core workout that will help you lose weight and get shredded fast
  • Speed 2.0 – this is a calorie-scorching routines that is focused on speed drills
  • Rip’t Circuit – this program will work your legs, upper body, abs and cardio that will help you get ripped in 25 minutes
  • Dynamic Core – this include vertical to horizontal and vice versa workouts that will make your fitness program truly hardcore
  • Upper Focus – this workout will help you to develop a muscular upper body


Gamma is a four 25-minute workouts packed in four DVDs. It also include PURE GAMMA calendar and PURE STRENGTH hybrid calendar. This cycle includes the following workouts:

  • Rip’t Up – focus your workout on your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and chest with this upper body routines
  • Extreme Circuit – burn fat and develop lean muscles in this one circuit that don’t require a single weights
  • The Pyramid – to further increase your chances of success, you need to accelerate your workout and this program will help you achieve that goal
  • Speed 3.0 – the faster pace that will make you sweat more

Bonus Workouts

Focus T25 Workout also includes two bonus exercise routines that will further make you fit and sexy – the Stretch and CORE SPEED routines.

Stretch is a 5-day workout that is packed with intense stretching routines. CORE SPEED meanwhile is consist of fat burning and non-stop drills that will help maintain your body figure for life. It will help strengthen your muscle throughout your core so you can have a fit and sexy body that lasts.

Focus t25 workout stretch

t25 quick start guide

Take note that cycle 3 GAMMA and CORE SPEED are available at Amazon separately.

Focus T25 Workout Reviews

Really good workouts. Fast and to-the-point! I have done the insanity workouts, and Focus T25 has a similar approach, without the marathon length. It’s quick enough to do in the morning before work and have plenty of time for everything else in your morning routine.

Are you kidding me? A great workout in 25 minutes? YES! Now, while I love doing these workouts, I have to be fair and say that I have been doing them for a few weeks now and while I haven’t lost one pound (I know – it stinks!!) I have lost inches. They are fun videos and only 25 minutes! Who doesn’t have 25 minutes to work out? Still on the alpha phase….getting to gamma. Love it! Love Shaun T!!!

Great workout! Moves are a little awkward at first, but once you can get the different moves mastered and have done the routine a couple of times it’s great.

Even though this is only 25 minutes, it’s a great workout. I am on week 2 right now and while I can get through the workouts, I can’t wait until I can do them and feel like I “nailed it”. They are as difficult as you want to make them. I did insanity before this and felt like it was too much, but this is perfect. If you want more, you can just do 2 workouts in a row. I would recommend this to anyone.

I love this program and of course the best is that it is 25 minutes. I have done insanity and P90x. This is an excellent idea and I am very happy with my purchase!

t25 testimonial

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Focus T25 Workout Tools

Below are the complete package that you will get if you purchase Focus T25 Workout right now!

  • B-LINES Resistance Band (15 lbs.)
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Get It Done Nutrition Guide
  • Alpha-Beta Workout Cycle Calendars
  • 5-Day Fast Track
  • 24/7 Online Support

get it done nutrition guide

t25 5-day fast track

P90X DVD Workout

P90X DVD Workout

Are you a BeachBody enthusiast? If you are, then you probably know Insanity from my previous post? This time, I will give you another best-selling BeachBody workout video that will truly make you sweat and keep your heart pumping for total body workout – P90X DVD Workout.

P90X DVD Workout is just one of the many exercise videos of BeachBody that are currently selling wildly on Amazon. P90X is touted as one of the toughest 90-day workout challenge that will turn your body from fat, to sexy and fit physique.

If you are not yet familiar with exercise videos, then this is the right time to do so. Fitness videos are the most comfortable way to exercise as you are not required to go outside (like enrolling in a gym), but you workout at the comfort of your own home.

So before you push that exit button and find some other tools to get fit, why don’t you read this product review first and learn how P90X DVD Workout works.

What is P90X DVD Workout?

P90X DVD WorkoutAs mentioned earlier, P90X DVD Workout is from BeachBody, one of the premier exercise video maker in the fitness industry. Like Shaun T of Insanity and Hip Hop Abs, P90X DVD Workout was created and led by BeachBody fitness expert Tony Horton.

This workout is not just for individuals who are looking to lose weight, this is actually for total body fitness. And just like other BeachBody videos, P90X DVD Workout can help tone and develop every muscle groups of your body without going to the gym.

This video was previously branded as “extreme” due to its training nature which puts your body to the limit. P90X is an abbreviation of “Power 90 Extreme“, which became an instant worldwide hit. This workout program will help your body to get rip and sexy in approximate duration of 90 days!

P90X DVD Workout include cross training programs such as weight training, martial art routines, yoga sessions and calisthenics, while it also offers periodization. Aside from that, P90X DVD Workout also offers you a 3-phase nutrition and dietary plan that will further help you in reaching your fitness goals.

The first phase will teach you protein and lower carbohydrate diet, the second phase is all about increasing your carbs while the last phase emphasizes a full-blast carbohydrate dietary intake. Other exercise videos doesn’t offer this feature.

This workout videos is summarized into 12 powerful DVDs, which are all hosted by Tony. All are designed to help you lose weight, get lean muscles, bulk yourself up naturally and live a stronger and healthier body for life. Most routines are muscle-pumping workouts with cardio routines that will make your body ripped in just 90 days.

P90X DVD workoutsP90X DVD Workout nutrition plan

P90X DVD Workout Program

Below are P90X DVD Workout programs. Each DVD is consist of various training techniques that you won’t find in any exercise videos. It will help pump your heart to a healthy rhythm which guarantees weight loss and muscle development. So if you want a complete fitness program, P90X DVD Workout is one of the best and complete training video that you will ever find online.

DVD 1: Chest and Back

The first DVD goes straight on working your chest and back muscles or commonly known as the upper body exercises. This includes different types of body weight exercises such as pull-ups and push-ups. Many workout enthusiasts ignore the benefits of body weight exercises and goes directly into weight lifting, which is dead wrong for any kind of training. This is the reason why many people fails to build muscles correctly.

Upper-body weight exercises are perfect for burning calories while improving strength and developing muscles in your chest and back, not to mention arm group muscles such as your triceps, biceps and shoulders.

DVD 2: Plyometrics

Plyometrics are commonly done by triathletes as it consist of various jump exercise routines. If you are not keen on doing jump routines, then this DVD phase will change your workout preferences and change your lazy habits against plyometrics.

Plyometrics are good cardio workouts which help put your cardiovascular health to the test. The more you jump, the more you intensify your training. Plyometrics will improve your athletic skills, endurance, stamina and overall performance. P90X DVD Workout offers 30 extreme jumping routines for your fitness! So if you are into sports, then this part is ideal for you.

DVD 3: Shoulders and Arms

Shoulder and arm exercises that are basic to weight training. P90X DVD Workout will take you to a high gear of weight training that will focus more in developing your shoulder and arm muscles.

The third DVD is packed with various type of presses, curls and fly movements, which are all designed to stress up your shoulders and arms. If you want to develop bigger arms and shoulders for the purpose of wearing those tight-fit sexy shirts, then this third DVD is perfectly for you.

DVD 4: Yoga X

Yoga is the fourth DVD installation. A lot of people don’t realize the importance of yoga exercises. Yoga basically combines strength, stretching, mobility, balance, coordination, flexibility and breathing techniques in one solid workout. P90X DVD Workout is packed with Yoga to keep you energized, invigorated and at the same time, enlightened to various health benefits of this workout program.

DVD 5: Legs and Backp90x extreme home fitness dvd program

The fifth installment is all about legs and back. If you are familiar with leg workouts, then you are aware that it is consist mostly of squats, hamstrings, glutes and calves exercises.

But aside from developing your leg muscles, this fifth DVD also offers some pull-up exercises, which combines upper body training while giving your legs adequate rest.

DVD 6: Kenpo X

Kenpo X is designed to compliment all other training routines of P90X DVD Workout. Kenpo X is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout program that is consist of boxing and kicking variations. This is to ensure that you will completely improve your strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and body coordination.

DVD 7: Stretch

You know that stretching is an important part of any exercise routines. With P90X DVD Workout, you will learn how to stretch your body correctly before and after workout, without increasing your risk to injuries.

DVD 8: Core Synergistics

Core synergistics is all about working your core such as lumbar spine and trunk muscles while conditioning your whole body.

This part of P90X DVD Workout is a challenging one. If you want to develop your core, then you need to complete this task handily.

DVD 9: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

Your upper body should be well-developed before you reach the end of this program. As such, you need to exercise your large and small arm muscles in full swing. This workout include presses, flys and extension routines that will focus more in developing your shoulders, triceps and chest muscles.

DVD 10: Back and Biceps

Next part is your back and bicep muscles. One of the most strenuous exercises of P90X DVD Workout, which focuses on curls, flex and pull-ups to reach your bicep’s full potential. All anti-gravity workouts are in place to help develop these muscle parts.

DVD 11: Cardio X

Cardio X was created personally by Tony, which is a low-impact exercises to compliment other P90X routines. With Cardio X, you will burn more calories and will help reduce those stubborn fat off your body for good!

DVD 12: Ab Ripper X

The last workout is not the least one. Ab Ripper X is the combination of both abdominal exercises and core strength that will give you that 6 to 8 packs of pure abdominal muscles! P90X DVD Workout will not be complete without developing your abs.

P90X DVD Workout Nutrition Plan

As aforementioned earlier, purchasing P90X DVD Workout will not just give you 12 powerful exercises, but also a very informative nutritional guide. This nutrition plan will support your overall fitness efforts that will ensure your fitness success.

This nutritional plan is divided into three phases of dieting suggestions that will jive with P90X workouts. It is basically a combination of foods that will completely satisfy your cravings and boost your energy levels, while not degrading your overall health.

But P90X DVD Workout is not going to give you fitness miracles overnight. You have to exert a lot of effort to achieve success. As you know, both dieting and exercise are just enough to help you lose weight, get ripped and have a sexy and muscular physique.

Tony called the first phase as fat shredder. This is a high-protein diet to help build strength and muscles while eliminating your body fat. The second phase is about energy. How to increase your energy? Basically through a diet that is consist of carbohydrates and protein with low amounts of good fat. All of which will trigger the elevation of your energy.

Lastly, the third phase is all about endurance maximizer. This focuses entirely on carbs, lean proteins and lower fat consumptions. Overall, P90X DVD Workout will give you complete control on how your body will end up with after 90 days.

P90X DVD Workout Reviews

Below are some of the reviews that I gathered online. These reviews are based on verified users of P90X DVD Workout. See what people have to say about this exercise video.

DVD set came right away and was in perfect shape. Also included were the nutrition guide and book to get your going on the plans. P90X is a great workout, especially if you are trying to put on muscle.

I recommend this workout to anyone who wants to not only get in shape but see real results. It works well for both men and women, but it really appeals to men in general. You won’t be disappointed.

Very good, traditional workout routines and you have to have your own free weights and you have to buy a pull up bar to get the full benefit. This definitely works and is the ground breaker for all the informercials that follow. Menu’s, calendar and idea is very good.

P90X rocks! It is a very difficult workout program, but also very rewarding, and Amazon did a great job selling it. The packaging was neat, the shipping time was quick, and everything promised about the product is there and in great condition. This customer is very satisfied. 🙂

Outstanding, all that I had hoped for. tony is incredible, he explains it well, and is funny. Workouts are an hour per day which is a commitment, but now that our whole family is involved we love it. Tthank you

This was the first workout system I have really put time into. I did 2 rounds of P90x and I am definitely in the best shape of my life. As long as you try your best and eat smart, you will DEFINITELY see results.

What I love most about this workout is that I actually enjoy doing it. Plus Tony is absolutely hilarious at times too! 🙂

P90X DVD Workout


Insanity DVD Workout

Insanity DVD Workout

Fitness videos are not new and most routines are just plain similar to each other. Do you want a different training that can get you fit in just 60 days? Insanity DVD Workout by Shaun T. might just be the answer.

Lets face it, losing weight and getting a ripped body is a difficult task. For most individuals, this could just be a dream that may never happen. But more and more people have testified that Insanity DVD Workout helped them achieve a fit and sexy physique in just 60 days!

Want to know why this video exercise is so in-demand and is the current top-selling video in Amazon? If you want to have a solid core, improved resistance and strength, then this private home video is definitely for you. Read on to learn more.

Insanity DVD Workout Overview

Insanity DVD WorkoutInsanity DVD Workout is a collection of exercise routines that is divided into ten insane DVDs, which can turn your belly fat into a hardcore six-packed abs. From the same makers of Hip Hop Abs, BeachBody, Insanity DVD Workout is designed to give you a different level of workouts.

This program is led by BeachBody mainstay instructor Shaun T. With Shaun at the helm, you are guaranteed to have a successful home-based workout that will just run for a period of 2 months.

Insanity DVD Workout contains extreme cardiovascular training, plyometric drills combined with intervals of strength, power, resistance and hardcore training program. It is considered as one of the most complete video training program in the market that doesn’t require any gym fees, equipments or weights. It is all up to you if you are completely up to the tasks.

This exercise videos will challenge you constantly as you alternate your routines between aerobic and anaerobic intervals with long bursts of maximum-intensity with just short periods of rest.

Not only that, purchasing Insanity DVD Workout right now will also give you a free Nutrition Plan, Fitness Guide and a Calendar (to track your progress). You will also have access to premium online support tools which can help you to stay consistently motivated with round-the-clock access to fitness experts and other people who are in the program.

Shaun T admits that this workout is a difficult program and is not for typical users especially if you are not that committed in getting shape. However, if you are motivated and ready to face the pain and challenges, you will surely be rewarded with phenomenal results. You just need a big heart and you will certainly succeed in reaching your fitness goal.

How does Insanity DVD Workout Works?

Insanity DVD Workout is really not a different workout, there is no secret at all. It is successful because it is a program, consisting of different routines in 60-days duration. From the looks of it, this DVDs are focused more on interval training that is consist of more training with short period of rests.

As aforementioned above, each DVD will challenge every part of your body that will help convert it into an insanely ripped and sexy physique. BeachBody also claims that if you follow Insanity DVD Workout, you will lose thousands of calories and body fat. This will enable you to lose significant amounts of weight and will help develop and tone your body muscles.

To summarize it all, below are the ten insane workouts that Shaun T is offering you.

Dig Deeper and Fit Test (30 minutes)

The starting point of the program. Shaun will test your body and see if you can sustain the energy.

Plyometric Cardio Circuit (40 minutes)

In this routine, you are now going to burn fat through intervals of intense lower-body plyometrics and sweat-inducing cardio workouts.

Cardio Power & Resistance (40 minutes)

After a sudden increase on your workout, you are now ready for muscle-building routines. Define that upper-body with strength-training and superb power moves.

Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery (80 minutes)

After an intense cardio and weight training, Shaun will go easy this time by cardio and max recovery once a week so you will be ready for the next workout.

Pure Cardio & Abs (40 minutes)

This is a bit difficult set as you are bound to a non-stop and extreme cardio workout.

Cardio Abs (20 minutes)

This routine is all about cardio intervals with core moves to help develop a core abdominal muscles.

Core Cardio & Balance (40 minutes)

This workout lets you to take a breather after your month-long sacrifice. But don’t be so complacent as the next round will be a much more intensive routines.

Max Interval Circuit (60 minutes)

Max interval training is one of the highlight of Insanity DVD Workout. It is so intense, more people have testified that this routine is unique and has never done before in most exercise videos.

Max Interval Plyo (55 minutes)

It is time for leg workouts. Interval plyometrics will push your legs to the limit until they beg for mercy.

Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs (50 minutes)

The last but not the least is the extreme cardio workout. Get pushed to the limit before you finish your 60-day Insanity program.

insanity dvd workout cta

Insanity DVD Workout Reviews

I first saw insanity while watching tv at 12 in the morning. I never saw myself doing insanity till I ordered it online. It has been amazing for me! I’m 4’11 @ 130lbs. I personally ordered Insanity because I am joining the Air Force & needed to lose weight since I am very short for my age. I have one week left & have already lost about 8-10 lbs. I dropped 1& a half pant sizes. Insanity slimmed down my thighs, stomach & love handles. Thanks to insanity, I lost the extra 10 lbs I had to lose & more! I highly recommend it if your looking to get into shape. Although, I would definitely stay away if u have any joint or knee problems.

Lots of cardio! Same repetitive movements but I kind of like that! Def. gets a sweat going! I would recommend if you need a home-workout

Insanity definitely lives up to its name. It’s a great workout! I haven’t been able to complete a full round because I get bored with DVDs and at home workouts, but it is definitely challenging.

I love these DVD’s and have lost 15 pounds in the last 60 days. NOW, this is not just because of the DVD’s but also comes from eating healthy and limiting alcohol and fast food. The workout is a killer and many times I could not make it past the warm-up (which is 30 minutes!) This set is a keeper. The only thing I would recommend is to get someone to workout with you to keep you motivated since you are doing the DVD’s over and over again.

I’m in love with insanity! It will give you the best workout ever. I like how you use your body and not other items. All you need is the dvd and room to move. I highly recommend it! The way I feel after after a workout is the best. First week is tough but worth it

Is Insanity DVD Workout for You?

Insanity DVD Workout is not the top-selling exercise video in Amazon for nothing. It is the best option you got when it comes to home video fitness. It will push your body to the limits with plyometrics, cardio, abdominal and strength training program, in an interval-type of exercise video.

With Insanity, you will never need any gym fees or expensive equipments. All you need is your heart and dedication to succeed. With Shaun T, you are in good hands.