Reebok Medicine Balls

Reebok Medicine Balls

Reebok Medicine Balls is one of the best-sellers in the industry because of its design and make. It is all quality compared to other medicine ball brands.

But first, are you familiar with this equipment? You probably have seen gym balls on TV shows or fitness magazines. But medicine balls offers you a totally different workouts than gym balls, and the balls are practically used by athletes, trainers, coaches and ordinary fitness buffs.

Medicine ball is not really a new trick when it comes to fitness and it is actually considered as an old school fitness accessory. You can do a lot of exercise routines for a medicine ball and is a perfect tool for private fitness program. This includes squats, twists, woodchopper, big circles and many others.

If you don’t own one, then this post is for you. I will discuss the different features and advantages of Reebok’s own brand of medicine balls.

Reebok Medicine Balls Overview

Reebok has tons of fitness accessories on its lineup and medicine balls are one of them. Reebok actually transcends the medicine balls design, from being just a simple plain-colored ball, into a 2-tone color designed ball with corresponding weight size imprint.

Aside from that, Reebok Medicine Balls are made from natural rubber, making your workout more invigorating and enjoyable. A perfect support to either weight training or cardio, medicine balls can help give your workout a different perspectives so that you can have that desire to push yourself to the limit.

The rubber is a versatile body workout tool which can be used for condition or to improve your upper body strength, lower body, and core. Reebok Medicine Balls gives you that brand edge compared to other unknown brands.

Engage all your muscle groups with various workout routines simultaneously, you won’t notice that you will improve and get better in less time and see quick results. So whether you want to lose weight or improve your overall physique, Reebok Medicine Balls can help you succeed.

reebok medicine balls types

Types of Reebok Medicine Balls

There are actually different classifications of Reebok Medicine Balls depending on its sizes. As you can see from the image above, its corresponding weights are indicated as 1 for 1kg ball, 3 for 3 kg and 5 for 5kg.

Actually, medicine balls can go as high as 12kgs but if you are not an athlete and you are just going to use it at home, then 5kg medicine ball is enough for your exercise routines. Besides, 12kg is too heavy for beginners and women alike, and most people prefers balls that weighs 5kg and below.

Reebok Medicine Balls Features Summary

All medicine balls are made of the same materials and quality. Below are its features:

  • Made from natural rubber
  • 2-tone colored ball
  • 23cm diamete

Reebok ensured that you won’t get bored with their medicine balls by designing various color combinations for all of its types. If you like to try Reebok Medicine Balls, then you have to purchase one for your home use.