LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

The Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is one of the most reputable exercise bikes in the industry with a whooping 4.9 Star rating in Amazon. This means that this brand almost have a perfect satisfaction ratings from each people who bought this product.

But can the hype truly deliver satisfactory results for you? Is it really a dependable machine that can help improve your cardio while helping you to lose weight?

If you want to improve your overall health by using a fitness bike, then you have to read this short product review and learn if Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is the most suitable fitness equipment for you. Read on and get more insights.

What is Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer?

Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is designed and distributed by LifeCore Fitness, a gym equipment company that produces quality ellipticals, bikes, rowing machines and accessories.

This new fitness bike features a more aggressive design which is completely suitable to its “Assault” name. It has modern features that is physically wrapped into an old traditional air resistance exercise bikes. This makes the Assault Air Bike Trainer one of the simplest but truly sturdiest and dependable fitness bikes in the market.

One of the ideal features of this brand is its upgrade design on its pivot points which uses bearings instead of bushings. Conventional fitness bikes is made out of bushings but experts in LifeCore Fitness guarantees that bearings are much comfortable and gives more powerfully smooth operation. 20 sealed ball bearings are configured throughout the frame and pivot points.

Its resistance is powered by air, so you can workout with practically no limits. You can dictate the tempo of both your legs and arms through this unlimited resistance through air power.

Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer Features a monitor that displays your time, distance, calories, watts, RPMs, speed with the on board smart computer console. Plus, this fitness bike includes a motivating programs like Tabata Intervals, a fitness routine that helps improve your strength and stamina or choose the heart rate monitoring program to monitor your pulse and start up your aerobic base.

Lifecore fitness assault air bike trainer display monitor

LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer features a 25-inch diameter steel fan that helps deliver maximum resistance for your workouts. It has an adjustable seat post that can be adjusted in six positions (up, down and tilt).

Based from its customers, this fitness bike is sturdy and solidly built for intensive use which is ideal also for both commercial and private use.

If you are an athlete, cyclists or just a regular fitness enthusiast, Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is a perfect exercise machine for you as it can provide moderate to intense interval training and is an ideal regimen for warming up before and after exercises.

lifecore fitness assault air bike seat post

lifecore fitness air resistance

lifecore fitness assault air bike trainer pedal

LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer Reviews

Love my assault air bike, I recently bought one for my home gym and couldn’t be more pleased with it – robust construction, smooth performance and easy to use, I like the built in Tabata timer.  Whether it’s used at your box or home gym, it should last a long time.
No doubt this is the real deal. I have used other air resistance bikes and none are designed like this or built to the commercial specs of the air assault bike. I use these at my Crossfit box and they truly will give you the best cardio lung crusher ever.
This air bike is like no other. I work at a local, let’s say cross training facility and we just got our order in. It’s beefed up compared to other air bikes on the market and you can tell that this one was designed to be used in a commercial setting. The old bikes just could not handle the stress of being in a gym. Overall very happy with them and will report back in a few months to testify as to their longevity.
I choose this for the air wheel I get very warm when working out & this keeps me very co& the harder you pump the cooler it gets! I like the bike very much except for the seat very h diffcult to sit on and as many times I tighten the seat it keeps turning to the side. Other than that it’s great.

lifecore fitness assault air bike trainer


SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Fitness/exercise bikes are just as in-demand as treadmills and elliptical machines. Do you have your own fitness bike? If you don’t have one yet, then SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is probably a perfect fit for your workout program.

The SF-B901 is one of the most affordable exercise bikes in the market, but it does not sacrifice quality either as this machine is equipped with a heavy-duty frame and a heavy flywheel.

All fitness bikes offers similar health benefits. What makes a brand stand out are its features that other equipments don’t have. Does SF-B901 have the right features for your workout needs?

So, if you want to take your cardiovascular fitness into a whole new level, then you have to learn how SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike can help you achieve fitness success.

What is SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike?

SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a quality exercise bike from Sunny Health and Fitness, the same company that brought you one of the bestselling stepper in the market – the Twister Stepper.

As aforementioned above, the SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is made with a heavy-duty steel frame, making it a sturdy and long-lasting cardiovascular workout equipment.

The flywheel of SF-B901 and drive mechanism makes the wheels and pedals rotate much more easily compared to other exercise bikes. Weighing just 275 pounds, this fitness bike can easily be move around your home without hassles.

SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike also features innovative amenities that only the most expensive fitness bikes can only offer. It is equipped with everything you need to enjoy your spinning class right in the comfort of your own home.

SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Features

SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is designed to give you a total indoor biking comfort. This machine is light weight, sturdy and completely stable no matter how you intensely pedal.

Unlike other fitness bikes, the SF-B901 features a 40 pounds flywheel which further helps enhances its stability. This feature is already above its price tag and you should avail of this advantage because having a heavy flywheel results to a better and efficient workout.

SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike features an adjustable handlebars and seat, enabling you to customize it to your personal preferences. The more you workout in your comfort zone, the more you reduce your risk of injuries.

It handlebars are thickly padded, which guarantees you to avoid getting blisters and sores while you workout. Its handlebars also enables you get a firm grip, which is an advantage to people whose hands can easily get sweaty.

The handlebars can also be adjusted horizontally which provides additional comfort for you. Also, the seat and its post are completely solid and stable.

sf-b901 sunny indoor cycling bike flywheel

sf-b901 seat post

SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews

This is my first spin bike, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I had read the reviews and agree with the positive comments. It is a great bike for the price. it was easy to set up. It seems very sturdy. I have been using it regularly for 3 weeks now and I have no complaints.

I have had this bike for over 2 years and it is still going strong. I use the bike 5 days a week for half an hour at a time. The only modification I have made is a padded seat cover and occasionally lubricating the resistance pads to eliminate the speaking. I also added a bottle holder. That is it. A solid bike.

My husband agreed this was an impressive purchase! I’ve used professional spin bikes for years at my local gyms, and this bike easily compares to them. It is very rugged, heavy and durable. Well built and comfortable. Performs perfectly…I love it!! After my purchase, Emerald City Athletic Club bought a fleet of these same exact bikes!! Pro Model for home use with modest price. You can’t go wrong!

This was the best investment that i could have made! i left the gym years ago and got this sunny. i am in BETTER shape now than all those years at the gym. i would recommend sunny ANY day. you do not need to spend 2 grand on a spinner. this is just as good. and yes, i use it just about every day and have for THREE YEARS without issue!

I was impressed with everything about this purchase from the moment the order was taken, it’s timely delivery, ease of assembly, and performance thus far. I use it daily and am pleased with its size, sturdiness, and design. For the price, I don’t think I could have found a better product to meet my needs.

sf-b901 fitness bike sunny health and fitness

SF-B901 Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Full Specifications

  • Dimensions: 48.5″ L x 20″ W x 46.5″ H
  • Maximum user weight: 275 pounds
  • Product weight: 108 pounds
  • Flywheel weight: 40 pounds
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Adjustable chain resistance
  • Heavy duty crank
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Transportation wheels for easy portability

sf-b901 sunny pro indoor cycling bike




Do you want to lose weight and have a healthy body but you don’t have time to workout due to busy schedules or work? If yes, then DeskCycle is the best fitness equipment for you.

Sitting at an affordable price of $159 at Amazon, you can get fit and have a healthy body without spending too much time in strenuous exercises.

DeskCycle is a hot fitness machine right now with commendations from known and reputable companies such as NBC, Today, and many others.

If you want to get fit, then you have to read this equipment review and learn why DeskCycle is one of today’s top selling brands in the fitness bike category in Amazon.

DeskCycle Overview

DeskCycle is designed and distributed by 3D Innovations, LLC., one of the leading manufacturer and innovator of different fitness bike machines. This particular bike stands only 10 inches tall but its benefits are monstrous.

Some of the health benefits that you can get from using DeskCycle includes:

  • Supports your weight loss program
  • Improves your cardiovascular health
  • Combine your daily desk job with pedal exercise
  • Extends your lifespan

Millions of people today are so busy and don’t have time to exercise and this results to an overwhelming increase of obesity and overweight cases. If this sounds like you, then you need DeskCycle exercise pedal fitness machine.

Customers who purchased DeskCycle have been so satisfied with the results that this machine provides. They are more happier, suffers less stress in life and are more productive at work. What else could you ask for with a simple and affordable pedal exerciser?


DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser makes your workout more effective, easy and safe while doing your work at your desk (as shown above). This is the only fitness bike that was specifically designed for this purpose.

Features of DeskCycle

As mentioned above, DeskCycle only stands at 10 inches tall, the lowest pedal exerciser in the industry which can fit at any kinds of desk you are working on.

The touch-free magnetic resistance system of this pedal exerciser is one of the smoothest and quietest in the market, which is one of its best features and the main reason why DeskCycle is a top-selling brand.

Smooth pedal motion is good for your joints, giving you less stress and avoiding unwanted workout injuries. Plus, being a quiet machine lets you focus more attention on your work. Awesome right!

The quick pedal motion lets you burn more calories and fat while improving your circulatory health. Pedal exerciser works on improving your lower body muscle groups too.

The maximum resistance is between 2 and 10 times efficient than other pedal exerciser. This gives you more quality and DeskCycle is also built to last for years without confusing maintenance tasks.

With DeskCycle, you can pedal the bike forwards or backwards. Doing this motions will work every muscle groups of your lower body. So the more you use DeskCycle, the more you improve your overall health.

deskcycle pedal exerciser

deskcycle pedal exerciser fitness bike

DeskCycle Reviews

I love this, I use it 2-3 hours/day while working. It is totally silent, super high quality, looks impressive in my office – kind of high tech, and has an nice smooth “ride”. I would recommend this to anyone and people who have seen mine have indicated they will be buying it! Get it with the remote display.

I really love my DeskCycle, I have it under my desk on carpet so I have no issues with it sliding around and it’s just perfect for my space. I love the computer to log my miles on. I have had no issues with this product and think it is great!

I bought this Deskcycle after looking at many other exercise bikes. I have RA and my knees are pretty bad so I needed something smooth and low to the ground. This is exactly what I needed! It is super smooth, really quiet, and sits lower to the floor than other pedal exercisers. I use it at home in front of the TV and is so great for keeping my knees flexible and less painful. It does not slide around at all and is a very solid piece of equipment. Highly recommended if you are looking for a way to keep up some exercise level at no impact or stress the the knees.

Perfect for my shorter desk. I really like the weight of this machine, it doesn’t move around while I’m pedaling. It has good resistance and is very quiet. It comes with a Velcro tether to keep your chair from rolling away. I couldn’t be happier pedaling away all day at work.

I can’t seem to turn this thing off. I have been off exercise completely for a couple months due to a knee injury. This machine arrived about 2 hours ago. Took 20 min to assemble, and I have been pedaling on the lowest setting ever since,while surfing the internet. This is PERFECT for maintaining a minimum level of activity,while non-weightbearing. Very comfortable, and quiet, fits under my desk just fine.

DeskCycle Full Specifications

  • Machine weight: 23 lbs
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Resistance range at 60 RPM (15mph): 12 Watts to 130 Watts (twice the maximum resistance of other pedal exerciser)
  • Resistance range at 120 RPM (30mph): 28 Watts to 294 Watts
  • Number of Resistance Steps: 8
  • Pedal arm length: 3 1/2 inches
  • Drive mechanism: Double Axle, twin belt, heavy-duty machined flywheel, 8 sealed bearings
  • Computer functions: Speed, time, calories, distance and scan
  • Optional accessories: Display stand and 10-foot extension cord
  • Warranty: 1-year on all parts and labor

deskcycle full specifications

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

exerpeutic folding upright bike

Are you looking for an affordable and ergonomically designed exercise bike for your cardio workout? If yes, then this post is for you! Today’s featured product is from Exerpeutic Fitness called Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike.

Exerpeutic Fitness is known for its quality fitness equipments that offers technological advancements, with top-notch design and safety-first features. The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is the bike for the masses with its low price tag, but definitely will not fall short with regards to performance.

This exercise magnetic bike is simple but yet will give you complete cardiovascular workout that will help improve your overall health.

Read on and learn the specifications of this exercise bike.

What is Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike?

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with pulse is one of the premier and bestselling bike brands of Exerpeutic Fitness, a company that designs and distributes cardiovascular training equipments. The previous Exerpeutic brand that I reviewed was the 900XL Magnetic Recumbent Bike.

This equipment is so light, it can be fold up and roll easily when you are done with your workout. So it can be placed anywhere inside your home, saving you space unlike those bulky and expensive ellipticals, treadmills and rowers.

Although light, Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is a sturdy machine when set up, and is able to withstand any user that weighs up to 300 pounds. Common fitness bike features such as three-piece crank system (sometimes called high-torque), magnetic resistance, heart pulse monitoring and transmission system are all included in this brand.

What to Expect with Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike?

The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse is designed to provide you a low-impact, safe fitness workout and an effective cardiovascular exercise. As mentioned earlier, this bike is a heavy duty equipment that can handle up to 300 pounds of user weight.

This exercise bike also provides a zero-impact workout without causing any injuries or harm to your ankles or joints. It provides a large seat cushion that will fit any size and eight levels of magnetic resistance for easy or more challenging workouts.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike - cushion

It also features dual hand pulse sensors, helping you to measure your pulse rate during exercise while monitoring your heart rate goal.

What makes Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike unique is its X-frame design, which enables you to easily get on and off the bike, giving you a more fun and efficient workout experience.

Its 3 piece high torque cranking system provides a reliable and consistent pedaling motion, while its precision balanced flywheel and V-belt drive provides a smooth and quite operation for workout comfort. This enables you to listen to your favorite music or watch television while working out with less interference or disturbance coming from the machine itself.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike also includes a reliable gadget holder that you can use to place your phone or your television’s remote control. This way, you won’t make any stops on your workout just to get these things.

exerpeutic magnetic bike

balanced wheel

exerpeutic magnetic upright folding bike

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike Reviews

Ordered this bike because of limited space in apartment and relatively inexpensive price. What I got was a product that far exceeded my expectations for both quality and performance. Bike used by two people several times a week and always works flawlessly. A great product for a reasonable price.

I was very pleased with how easy it was to assemble and also how sturdy it is. The bike is very quiet and comfortable. It was worth every penny. I am looking forward to a long workout relationship with this great bike in the privacy of my own home! No more gym fees, limited access / hours or travel time. Love it, love it, love it!!!

Extremely well made, easy to put together and whisper quiet. Unless something unforseen were to go wrong with the flywheel or belt, it should last forever even with daily use. I like it much better than the Nordic Trac recumbent bike we have at work and at 1/4 the price… 🙂  Amazon service and shipping, flawless as always.

This bike does the trick. It’s well made, gives you a solid workout and doesn’t take up too much space. But I was mostly impressed with their excellent customer service. Several months after we bought the bike, the gears started slipping a bit. My husband called the company and after something like 5 minutes on the phone, they’d arrange to send us a replacement. The replacement has been in for about 8 months now with no issues at all. highly recommended

I love this bike. I have had at least 3 other stationary bikes that I have gotten rid of and they were far more expensive than this guy. It is easy to put together and it doesn’t take up much space. I have only been using for about 2 weeks and I am addicted to it. I ride 5-10 miles a day, seven days a week. The gages seem to be accurate…spedometer, calorie counter, distance, etc.

exerpeutic magnetic folding upright bike

Full Specifications of Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

  • Unique and space saver design – X-Frame
  • Tension resistance: 8-levels magnetic tension control system
  • Display: 3.3″W x 1.5″H LCD monitor (displays distance, calories burned, time, speed and heart rate)
  • Leg stabilizers (for tipping prevention during exercise)
  • Cranck System: 3 piece high torque cranking system
  • Balanced flywheel and V-Belt drive
  • Safety: Larger pedal design with safety straps to prevent foot slippage during exercise
  • Seat: A large seat cushion that fits any size
  • User maximum weight: 300 lbs
  • User height limit: 5’3″ up to 6’1″


DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike

DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Are you a cardio workout junkie? If yes, then you need a personal recumbent bike!

Recumbent fitness bikes are great machines that can help improve your overall cardio workouts. If you are looking for the best, then DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike is the one that you are looking for.

DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a fitness bike like no other. With high-end specifications with a treadmill-like price tag, your exercise program won’t be dull again with this heavy-duty equipment.

This machine will completely satisfy your fitness goals! Burn calories, lose weight, get fit and improve your cardiovascular health. Learn how far this recumbent fitness bike can go for your fitness endeavors. Below is our product review.

What is DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike?

DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a product of DKN Fitness, the same company that brought you DKN R400.

This machine features an ergonomic design that offers an adaptable Fysionomics system, making it compatible for any user sizes. If you have your own fitness bike and you are not fully challenged, then it is probably time to try a much better machine.

DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike has a 14kg (31lbs) flywheel generator drive set, which features 16 levels of electromagnetic resistance, adjusted manually in 5W steps.

Aside from that, this recumbent bike has a multifunctional LCD monitor, which can function simultaneously for speed, time, distance, calorie burn, watts used and heart rate data.

DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike

With regards to programs, DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike offers 16 challenging workout programs to choose from with 16 time intervals, 12 pre-programmed courses and four heart rate controlled modes.

With a low-entry access feature, this recumbent bike brand is one of the best designed bike in the market. Aside from that, it offers mouldable seat positioning and perfect inter-distance, giving any user a perfect workout experience.

DKN EB-3100

DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike Full Specifications

  • 14Kg (31lbs) flywheel generator drive
  • 16 levels of electromagnetic resistance (adjustable in 5-watt steps)
  • Multifunctional LCD display
  • Speed, time, distance, calorie burn, watts used and heart rate feedback
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • 16 programmes (12 pre-set + 4 heart rate control, DKN’s My Zone and recovery function)
  • 145cm L x 58cm W x 98cm H
  • 150kg (331 lbs) maximum user weight
  • Adjustable foot straps
  • 94kg (207lbs) product weight
  • 2 years warranty on parts and labour

DKN EB-3100 Exericse BikeYou can check the price of DKN EB-3100 Recumbent Exercise Bike at DKN’s official website.

Reebok S1 Spin Bike

Reebok S1 Spin Bike

An indoor bike is one of the best cardio equipment that you can have for personal fitness program. Aside from treadmills and elliptical machines, exercise bikes mimics the conventional cycling experience that can help improve your overall health.

Today’s featured equipment is Reebok S1 Spin Bike. Just like other known exercise bikes, the S1 Spin Bike is a flexible machine that offers a self-powered generator system, enabling you to take your workout anywhere. It allows you to do a larger variety of positions which works both your main and small sets of muscles groups.

Read on and learn if the Reebok S1 Spin Bike meets your fitness requirements. Full specifications below.

What is Reebok S1 Spin Bike?

As mentioned earlier, Reebok S1 Spin Bike is similar to other exercise bikes which primarily replicates the movements of road bikes. This is not just designed for cardiovascular health, but it is also designed to improve your back and upper body, as well as your legs and core.

The flywheel of Reebok S1 Spin Bike weighs just 14kg, giving you a smooth ride and a flexible 32 levels of resistance that will push yourself to the limit.

The hand pulse sensor is strategically placed to suit your exercise position and the sleek, easy to manage backlit LCD display provides accurate information on your speed, time, RPM, watts and distance as well as enabling you to monitor your calories burned that maximizes your body’s fat burning potential.

The Reebok S1 Spin Bike is a durable exercise bike equipment that offer highly efficient workout. Its main console uses a self-generating power supply and rechargeable batteries. It offers 16 different routines which include 12 pre-set programs, a manual program, user-defined routine and a target heart rate program and a recovery test.

Reebok S1 Monitor

Reebok S1 Spin Bike

There are 5 standard spinning positions: seated flat, standing flat, seated climb, standing climb and jumps. These position is to replicate various biking movements as much as possible at the same time, working every muscles in the legs, core, back and upper body, offering a whole body workout.

With Reebok S1 Spin Bike, you will definitely lose weight, burn fat and calories, build muscles and improve your overall cardiovascular health. It offers a low impact workout that is suitable to any age group.

reebok s1 indoor bike

Reebok S1 Indoor Bike

Reebok S1 Spin Bike Full Specifications

  • Self-generating power system
  • Transport wheel
  • Electronic Computer Control system
  • 32 Resistance levels
  • 14kg Flywheel
  • 5 x 8cm LCD monitor
  • Dimensions: 118 x 62 x 117cm
  • Total weight: 135kg
  • Hand pulse
  • Programs: 12 pre-set plus manuel, 4 target programs, user-defined, watts control and recovery test
  • Adjustments: vertical and horizontal saddle adjustment, adjustable pedal straps, vertical handlebar adjustment and floor level adjustment

You can check the price of Reebok S1 Spin Bike at SweatBand.

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike

There are maybe thousands of stationary bikes that you can use for your cardio workout, all of which provides similar results. Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike is one of these machines that can give challenging leg workout that you deserve.

The 900XL is from Exerpeutic, a company that produces different types of fitness equipments. As mentioned earlier, all stationary bikes are mostly created equal. Areas such as durability, side features, tech features and safety features are the only factors that makes the stationary bike market a tight competition.

Read the details below to learn more about the full specifications of Exerpeutic 900XL.

Exerpeutic 900XL Product Description

The Exerpeutic 900XL is a recumbent designed stationary bike that can offer you challenging cardiovascular workout, without putting so much stress on your back and joints. The step-through style bike makes it easier for you to get on and off, compared to other cardio workout machines.

One of the most reasonably priced fitness bike in the market, Exerpeutic 900XL is one of the top-selling stationary bike in Amazon with a 4.3 stars rating (ranks 3rd in Exercise Bikes categories). People trusts this bike for various reasons and this could also be your perfect leg workout tool.

Exerpeutic 900XL comes with 8-level Magnetic Tension Control System, allowing you to customize your ride according to your preferred level. You can change the tension anytime during the course of your workout.

It has extended leg stabilizers that provides a rock-solid platform that won’t let you down even if you are weighing around 300 pounds. Yes, Exerpeutic 900XL can accommodate up to 300 pounds user weight, which is considered to be one of the toughest stationary bike in the market.

Like any other stationary bikes, the 900XL comes with a large, easy-to-read LCD display that shows distance, calories burned, time, speed and heart rate information. Its side hand grips both have built-in sensors to accurately track your heart rate.

exerpeutic 900xl

heart pulse grip sensors

From the image above, you can see the handlebar-embedded pulse sensors that will help you in your target heart zone. The Exerpeutic 900XL comes with a wide padded seat for complete comfort during your workout. The seat is also adjustable to accommodate users between 5”3”-6’3” in height.

Exerpeutic 900XL has transportation wheels that will enables you to easily relocate the bike anywhere inside your home. It also offers a smooth torque cranking system which provides smooth and consistent pedaling motion. Plus, this bike is one of the most silent recumbent bike in the market, made possible through its precision balanced flywheel and V-belt drive.

Exerpeutic 900XL Reviews

As aforementioned earlier, 900XL is an exceptional cardiovascular machine that is loved by thousands of people. Below are some of the reviews I found in Amazon. These reviews are from verified users who purchased Exerpeutic 900XL.

My husband and I both really like this bike. I keep it on my covered porch in the backyard. I watch the birds or I read a book while I’m pedaling and the time goes by quickly. As the other reviews said, the seat is a little tough on your behind when you’re sitting longer than 15 minutes in it, but I’m not even sure it’s the seat but more the way you’re reclining and pedaling at that angle. It does the job, it’s easy to use, I sweat and burn calories and it’s a nice quiet bike. Would purchase again.

If you want a super cheap bike that works, that is quite, and has a ton of no-nonsense features, THIS is it. It comes with a wrench that is all you’ll need to assemble it. I put it together inside of 2 hours. One drawback that I can point to is that adjusting from one seat position to another looks like it would be cumbersome. I never change it so I don’t have this problem but if you and your mate were going to alternate work-outs, this may be an issue.

Other than that, it is fantastic. I binge watch recorded TV while sitting on it; it has a count-down feature so if you want to do a 20 minute work out, it counts down from 20…then alarms you when it gets there. If you want to “count down” from 10 miles, it can do that too. Also, the tension (magnetic tension) means business buddy…there is a big difference between 3 and 4, 4 and 5, etc… I can’t say enough good things about this bike.

This bike gives the legs a great workout. I can also feel my abdominal muscles working. It took a while for my husband to get it together, but it was worth it.

The bike is very well constructed and was very easy to put together and not to mention a great price. I also liked the the fact the almost all the screws and bolts were attached to parts they belong to instead of all of them being thrown into a bag for you to figure out what goes where. The bike was very well packaged and arrived in about a weeks time. The only thing I would recommend is that the instructions be a little more descriptive because they were a little vague and even though I didn’t have any trouble putting together some people might. I’ve used it about a week now and I love it.

I bought this bike to help get some cardio in while I recover from my ACL surgery. I really enjoy riding this. The seat is comfortable and the bike is so quiet. No bells and whistles, just a small LCD and manual know for tension. Smooth ride and a good sweat.

900xl pedal

exerpeutic 900xl

Exerpeutic 900XL Full Specifications

  • Dimensions: 54”L x 22”W x 34”H (set up)
  • Product weight: 63lbs
  • Maximum user weight: 300lbs
  • Recumbent design: step-through style bike
  • Leg stabilizers: extended leg stabilizers for rock-solid platform
  • Transportation wheels
  • Tension resistance: 8-level Magnetic Tension Control System
  • On-board computer: LCD display for distance, calories burned, speed, time and heart rate
  • Heart rate sensors: Built-in hand pulse (handlebars)
  • Crank System: flywheel and V-belt for smooth, consistent and quit pedaling
  • Adjustable seat
  • Safety: larger pedals with safety straps
  • Comfort: padded, oversized seat cushion and back rest for workout comfort

You can compare prices of Exerpeutic 900XL at Amazon. For now, this item only shipped within US market. If you are outside US, you might have to wait for shipping instructions from Amazon.