Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension

Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension

Do you own your own stand alone ab trainer? If you don’t own one yet, then today’s feature product might just suit your workout needs – Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension

Most people are trying to get rid of those flabby belly fat and you have to admit, it is very hard to tone the middle section. Is this sounds like you? Rollers and other waist strap ab machines might not be as effective as they are advertised. But Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension could save you from spending more on ab machines.

This simple yet truly effective ab workout trainer is one of the bestselling abdominal equipment in Amazon, as well in other fitness machine online retailers. Read on and learn if this abdominal workout equipment is ideal for your fitness program.

Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension Overview

The Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension is designed and distributed by Body Solid USA, a fitness equipment manufacturer that is based in the United States. Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension is just one of the wide range of Powerline products from Body Solid.

The overall structure of this abdominal equipment is based on the popular Roman Chair fitness design, which is targeted to work your middle section. The Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension focuses on your critical core abdominal and lower back strength, while also targeting your glutes and hamstrings.

The chair is also a stable structure, built for stability and safety through its two-by-two inch think, heavy-guage steel construction frame, with a wide base to prevent rocking during workouts.

Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension

Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension

The Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension also boasts of an electrostatically applied powder coat finish, keeping the surface unmarred and measures 36 by 46 by 25 inches when assembled.

Body Solid offers this product with a 10-year frame warranty and a 1-year warranty for all parts. Thousands of people are satisfied using this abdominal chair equipment. Below are some of the testimonials from its Amazon page.

This is a great way to get some core strength training. It was relatively easy to put together and is sturdy enough for me to use in the home. It fits nicely in my small apartment. See http://listenbubb.blogspot.com/. I have been using this for a little over a month, and believe me-YOU CAN GET A NICE WORKOUT OUT OF IT. I would recommend this.

Really loving this chair! Since August I’ve been hooked on Crossfit and have been converting a spare bedroom of my apartment into a crossfit gym so I can work out whenever. One of the hardest things to come by was the Roman chair that is used in so many of the workouts. I’ve been substituting with a swiss ball but there’s only so much I can do. Plus for anyone who’s ever priced the roman chairs, then you know you can easily spend a small fortune on them. I was very impressed by the quality of this chair, it’s very sturdy despite me being nearly 200lbs and it can take a lot of abuse. All in all I would recommend this to anyone.

Great for the butt, back and upper thighs. I also enjoy doing reverse crunches on it and using a medicine ball to throw against a concrete wall while I’m crunching – fantastic exercise for deep and lower abs. You can also do dips from the front handles. Very sturdy for me (130lbs) and also my husband (200+lbs).

Just bought and assembled this and am very pleased with it. It’s very well constructed and very solid. Assembly instructions were clear, but you should have an 18mm socket wrench if possible. I know that Body Solid sells a model that weights about twice as much and costs about twice as much; I’m not sure what additional benefit it can provide. I’ve used Roman Chairs at gyms, and this is gym quality in my experience.

Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension Full Specifications

  • Roman chair/back hyper extension for abdominal, back, glutes and hamstring workouts
  • 2 x 2 inch heavy-gauge steel construction with a wide base
  • Electrostatically applied powder coat finish
  • Assembled size: 36 H x 46 L x 25 W inch
  • Warranty: 10 years on frame and one year on all parts


Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Having difficulty sculpting your ab? If yes, then I am sure that my featured product today will definitely favor you. I am going to give you how Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro can easily help tone your abs and develop six packs with less stress on your back and arms.

This equipment is basically designed to simplify your abdominal workout but will give exceptional result. As you know, developing those hard to earn ab muscles are the most difficult part in weight training.

Now you will have the opportunity to have sexy abs in a very simple method without much workout stress at an affordable price!

Read on and learn if this abdominal equipment can be your best workout buddy.

What is Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro?

This ab carver is produced and marketed by Perfect Fitness, the same company that brought you Perfect Push Up and Perfect Pull Up equipments.

As aforementioned earlier, the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro will help you get ripped abs and powerful arms in no time, with just simple workout strokes. There are no other abdominal workout equipments that can completely match what this ab carver offers.

How does it work? Well, it provides resistance as you roll out and complete assistance when you roll back. This ab carver has ultra-wide tread that gives maximum stability when carving in any direction, while its hand grips are angled to trigger arm and core muscles.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

As you can see from the image above, the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro will work your core while sculpting your arms. This tool has kinetic engine which uses a carbon steel spring to speed up your abdominal and arm workouts.

The resistance will give you a good workout as ab wheels are essentially important for core training. However, Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro gives more variation to the concept as its is completely made differently from the rest of its competition. ab carver pro ab carver pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Reviews

This device will not disappoint. It’s a high quality product, which was a great surprise considering some of the other poorly made devices in this sector. It does EXACTLY what it promises and does it well. On the box it says “Simple, But Not Easy” and that is the truth. I don’t know how well it’s targeting the other areas it mentions (chest, arms, back), but there’s no doubt about it hitting the abdominal area…HARD. I highly recommend this product!

This product works great do about 10 reps and after you stand up and walk around you will feel it in your abs and midsection. I would buy if I were you prospective consumer!

It is one of those things that you have to use to get results. I am a jelly belly and it is hard for me but I do use it and it is working. Have had it a month and am running better because my core is stronger. I really like that it will stop so I don’t just completely roll out. Very happy with my purchase, I have had it about one month.

It hurts! In a good way of course. We created a home gym in our garage for convenience and we have been adding equipment here and there. Very satisfied with this product and you can feel the results the next day. We use it almost daily.