How to Deal with Insomnia – Ayurveda

One of the most useful aspects of Ayurveda is its deep understanding of how the physical body and sensory intake affects the mind.  All manner of emotional and mental ailments – or as Ayurveda describes, imbalances – can be treated or healed successfully using a wide array of therapies including diet, exercise, massage, herbs, changing habits, color and aromatherapy, and meditation.

Many troubling conditions, even of many years’ duration can be helped or even eradicated using simple methods that can be applied at home with just very little expense.

Consistency and regularity of application along with determining the best methods for one’s own situation are what will effect health improvement.  Most natural healing methods take some time to notice positive change, but with Ayurvedic self-healing techniques, people often notice a turn for the better right away.

Ayurvedic healing methods are especially useful for chronic or difficult imbalances with the mind or emotions for which western medicine has little to offer except often dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, which are sometimes addictive, usually have side effects (learn about Xarelto class actions), and do not get to the root of the problem.

Chronic pain and fatigue, chronic indigestion, difficulties with anger, anxiety or depression and insomnia are all problems that modern medicine has little to offer, yet Ayurvedic treatments can have profound and lasting healing effects.


The home methods of self-massage, aromatherapy, small changes in home environment, diet and yoga and meditation can improve sleep, help to experience real peace and happiness help with unhappy or unwanted moods or thoughts, promote proper digestion and elimination, help diminish or even eliminate chronic pain and fatigue, and many other imbalances that reduce our quality of life.

Insomnia in particular is often considered difficult to treat by western medicine without strong medications, and is a problem for many people.  Without a good night’s rest many other aspects of life are adversely affected, and a vicious cycle can become a life-long problem.

Some people have trouble falling asleep, others can’t get back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night; others are troubled with restless sleep or bad dreams.  All these can be helped with simple Ayurvedic methods that are easy to apply at home; and if one doesn’t seem to do the trick, another one may help or a combination of several.

One of the benefits of improving sleep with Ayurveda is that other aspects of health will also improve – digestion or elimination, energy, and positive emotional and mental outlook.  Proper sleep and proper digestion are two vital foundations of physical and mental health.

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