Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist

Are you looking for dip/chin stand that can workout your entire body? If yes, then Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist can provide your fitness needs.

Designed and distributed by Powertec Fitness, the Levergym Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA+13) allows you to perform dip, chin up, squat or crunch routines without any hassles or inconvenience.

First launched in 2011, this innovative equipment gained its popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts due to its dependability, sturdiness and affordability. Unlike expensive standalone dip stands, Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist gives you more workouts for less price.

Read on and see if Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist is perfectly suitable to your fitness requirements.

Key Features of Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist

Model number L-CDA+13, the Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist was designed to deliver multiple workout programs in one economical and dependable home gym equipment.

Featuring the “Counterbalance Advantage”, L-CDA+13 can provide you with reverse resistance which allows you to perform dip, chin up, squat or crunch positions.

By loading weight (weights sold separately) on the lever, it counterbalance your own body weight, thus allowing for a full range of motion and perfect repetitions.

powertec levergym chip/dip assist workouts

Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist can develop your abs, back, shoulders, arms and legs, with an assistance of your body weight or your preferred weight stack.

Designed to accommodate users of up to 400 pounds, this multiple gym equipment is built to last and tough enough for any types of athletes and workout enthusiasts.

Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist also features a Swivel Chin Up Bar as an additional to the horizontal and neutral grips. This chin up section also provides swivel straight bar which allows you for close grip access to train your biceps.

powertec levergym chin/dip assist equipment

Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist Full Specifications

  • Model: L-CDA+13
  • Counterbalance Advantage provides reverse assisted resistance
  • Swivel Chin Up bar
  • Dimensions: 86.5″ H x 44.5″ L x 61.8″ W
  • User Weight: 400 pounds maximum
  • Weights sold separately

You can purchase Powertec Levergym Chin/Dip Assist on selected online gym equipment retailers. But I recommend that you purchase directly from Amazon.


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