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This privacy policy is effective as of October 07, 2013. is committed in protecting your privacy. The site offers you a safe surfing experience as much as possible.

This policy informs you how this site collects information online. For you to understand this technicalities, the statement below is published for your information. You may contact us anytime if you have further questions about this policy.

Usage of Cookies

Cookies are used in all Internet-capable gadgets such as your cellphone, tablets and desktop computers. When you visit a particular website, your browser develops this so called “cookies“, which are stored on your device or computer temporarily.

These cookies contains your computer’s personal data. Cookies are safe and won’t cause you any risk because it doesn’t contain any personal information about you. The role of cookies is to help webmasters to track the user’s surfing behavior in a particular website.

This helps us to customize the site’s features which accords to most users preferences.

The cookies can be disabled by turning it off through your browser’s settings. However, most sites requires cookies to function properly. If you disable cookies, you will going to have trouble with some of the site’s features or performance.

Aside from our Disclaimer statement, which introduces you to affiliate network ads, the site also uses other advertisement programs to make money online. Our second mode of income is Google Adsense, a pay-per-click advertising program.

Google Adsense

We uses Google Adsense to help produce income for this site. The network will serve ads to you according to the type of content you are viewing. This is called content-based ads.

As a Google advertising partner, we intend to maintain a good partnership with Google to continue allowing us to publish relevant ads on each pages of this site.

For each of your visits here, ad servers of Google will collect data from you, to better understand your surfing behavior with them. This may include you IP address, domain type and many others. Below is the privacy policy statement of Google Adsense.


Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act is designed for adult individuals who are seeking to purchase quality gym equipments for fitness purposes. All content herein are not intended for children below 13 years, although in general, our content are child-safe for viewing.

We are committed in following every guidelines in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We do not store or collect any information of children below 13 years.