Reebok S1 Spin Bike

An indoor bike is one of the best cardio equipment that you can have for personal fitness program. Aside from treadmills and elliptical machines, exercise bikes mimics the conventional cycling experience that can help improve your overall health.

Today’s featured equipment is Reebok S1 Spin Bike. Just like other known exercise bikes, the S1 Spin Bike is a flexible machine that offers a self-powered generator system, enabling you to take your workout anywhere. It allows you to do a larger variety of positions which works both your main and small sets of muscles groups.

Read on and learn if the Reebok S1 Spin Bike meets your fitness requirements. Full specifications below.

What is Reebok S1 Spin Bike?

As mentioned earlier, Reebok S1 Spin Bike is similar to other exercise bikes which primarily replicates the movements of road bikes. This is not just designed for cardiovascular health, but it is also designed to improve your back and upper body, as well as your legs and core.

The flywheel of Reebok S1 Spin Bike weighs just 14kg, giving you a smooth ride and a flexible 32 levels of resistance that will push yourself to the limit.

The hand pulse sensor is strategically placed to suit your exercise position and the sleek, easy to manage backlit LCD display provides accurate information on your speed, time, RPM, watts and distance as well as enabling you to monitor your calories burned that maximizes your body’s fat burning potential.

The Reebok S1 Spin Bike is a durable exercise bike equipment that offer highly efficient workout. Its main console uses a self-generating power supply and rechargeable batteries. It offers 16 different routines which include 12 pre-set programs, a manual program, user-defined routine and a target heart rate program and a recovery test.

Reebok S1 Monitor

Reebok S1 Spin Bike

There are 5 standard spinning positions: seated flat, standing flat, seated climb, standing climb and jumps. These position is to replicate various biking movements as much as possible at the same time, working every muscles in the legs, core, back and upper body, offering a whole body workout.

With Reebok S1 Spin Bike, you will definitely lose weight, burn fat and calories, build muscles and improve your overall cardiovascular health. It offers a low impact workout that is suitable to any age group.

reebok s1 indoor bike

Reebok S1 Indoor Bike

Reebok S1 Spin Bike Full Specifications

  • Self-generating power system
  • Transport wheel
  • Electronic Computer Control system
  • 32 Resistance levels
  • 14kg Flywheel
  • 5 x 8cm LCD monitor
  • Dimensions: 118 x 62 x 117cm
  • Total weight: 135kg
  • Hand pulse
  • Programs: 12 pre-set plus manuel, 4 target programs, user-defined, watts control and recovery test
  • Adjustments: vertical and horizontal saddle adjustment, adjustable pedal straps, vertical handlebar adjustment and floor level adjustment

You can check the price of Reebok S1 Spin Bike at SweatBand.

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  1. Looking for 30 group exercise bikes for fitness center. Need durable, low maintenance bikes that are built for use. Plan to offer up to 30 classes per week.

    1. Hey Rod,

      Reebok S1 Spin Bike is currently unavailable in both Sweatband and Amazon. If you want other brands, then you can start your Amazon exercise bikes search here.

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