Competitor Olympic Weight Bench

Competitor Olympic Weight Bench

Olympic weight bench is the standard size of any strength training utility bench. Competitor Olympic Weight Bench is one of the most reputable bench products on Amazon, and it is worth a look if you have plans on buying your own weight bench.

Made by Competitor, this Olympic Weight Bench is one of the most sturdiest and dependable tools that most fitness enthusiasts love. One of the reason why is affordability with its price tag of just $116.98 (Amazon).

If you are truly looking for a weight bench to compliment your strength training, then you have to read this product review and learn how Competitor Olympic Weight Bench works.

What is Competitor Olympic Weight Bench?

Competitor Olympic Weight Bench (CB-729) is a total bench equipment designed for home workout. This is not your ordinary bench as this is more versatile than most conventional weight benches.

CB-729 has multi-position back pad that adjusts comfortably for chest press, incline press, decline and military exercise positions. With dual function leg developer will allow to exercise your lower body for leg extensions and supine leg curls.

competitor olympic weight bench adjust

The steel frame of Competitor Olympic Weight Bench is built to last with durable powder-coat finish, that is designed to keep a perfect pace with your active lifestyle.


Competitor Olympic Weight Bench is a perfect home gym for both beginners and seasoned lifters. With minimal floor space requirement makes this equipment an amazing all-in-one Olympic bench.

As an adjustable bench, it will accommodate all your fitness goals by using its incline and decline features. Lifting your dumbbells will work your muscle fibers of your arms and back while using your barbell will work your chest, back and the rest of your upper body. Declining the bench will work your chest’s lower part.

Competitor Olympic Weight Bench comes with a high density foam that will firmly support and secure your body during your intense training.

competitor olympic weight bench foam

Competitor Olympic Weight Bench is not just for upper body workout as it has a leg developer that also comes with quality padded foam rollers. This offers you with an excellent comfort on your ankles and knees that will enable you to build more muscles on your legs on a faster pace.

If versatility is concerned, Competitor Olympic Weight Bench is one of the most dependable on that category. As aforementioned above, this bench can give you five back pad positions – incline, decline, flat and upright. This will help you to develop all areas of pectorals

competitor olympic weight bench leg developer cb-729

Competitor Olympic Weight Bench Reviews

This bench is an excellent value. Assembly was a breeze..took a little over an hour (and I’m not very handy). Definitely a great purchase for a beginner such as myself.

This thing is pretty sturdy!!! if you put this together correctly, you will use every single part! and it goes together nice and tight.for less than 100 bucks, this was a Really good buy! i did however, glue two nice, soft square pieces of fabric were you lay the bar across so it doesn’t scratch up anything!

I have had this bench for about a year and it is still holding up without a problem. It holds up to 300+ lbs without a problem. I haven’t pushed the limits beyond 350 yet, but I believe it should hold up nicely. Considering I weigh about 210 and then bench 300, not bad for this bench. I would highly recommend this bench.

This is a solid bench for beginners, I wouldn’t go lifting obnoxious amounts of weight, but with a couple hundred it seems very stable. Took about an hour or so to put together. You can’t beat the quality for the price

cb-729 competitor olympic weight bench

Competitor Olympic Weight Bench Full Specifications

  • Steel, vinyl, foam
  • Five back pad positions
  • Adjustable height bar for maximum bench press
  • Leg developer
  • Heavy duty steel frame for Olympic size weight plates (600lbs capacity)
  • High density foam (2-inch thick for added comfort)
  • Product dimensions: 67 x 45 x 50 inches ; 62 pounds
  • Produce weight: 63.7 pounds
  • Warrranty: 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty