WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine

WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine is just one of the most sophisticated works of art that combines the durability of a stainless steel and real water resistance.

If you are a fitness buff, you probably a fan of rowers, a machine that mimics the way rowing sport is performed.

Aside from treadmills, elliptical trainers and fitness bikes, rowers are one of the best machines that you can have for your own home gym and a great asset for your cardiovascular health needs.

Interested in this machine? Read on and learn the many features of this equipment and see if it is ideal for your fitness program.

What is WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine?

WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine is a quality product and one of the bestselling rowers of a US-based company called WaterRower. The S1 is a sister product of Natural Rowing Machine, a wooden structured rower that also offers real water resistance.

So sophisticated and sublime machine, the S1 Rowing Machine is only available in limited numbers as a special order.

The design of WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine was first initiated at the company’s Munich office in Germany. Its frame is constructed from a handcrafted brushed stainless steel, which is the reason why this rower is so costly for an ordinary athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

WaterRower’s patented WaterFlyWheel has been designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat moving through water. The company claims that this technology is different from conventional rowing machines as it provides total benefits of rowing sports to both physical and physiological aspects.

The S1 Rowing Machine is for people who love perfect aerobic pursuits as it features naturally smooth and flowing movements that don’t pressure the joints but do boost the heart rate.

Like many WaterRower products, the S1 Rowing Machine is classified as commercial-quality. This means that acquiring one doesn’t just give prestige to your fitness arsenals, but also satisfaction in every aspects of cardiovascular workouts.

WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine commercial quality

WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine comes with a Series 4 (S4) performance Monitor that is designed to balance technical sophistication with user-friendliness.

This monitor features six information and programming windows, six QuickSelection buttons and three navigation buttons. Just simply press the on button and you are ready to go.

It displays your workout intensity (in m/s), stroke rate, heart rate, zone bar, duration and distance. Plus, the S4 is compatible with an optional heart chest strap and receiver. This will enable you to maximize your workout and achieve your fitness goals.

Other function display of S4 includes distance in units of meters, kilometers, miles, total stroke, duration, watts, mile per hour and Kcalories per hour.

s1 rowing machine series 4 performance monitor

WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine Full Specifications

  • Model: S1 Rowing Machine
  • Body: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Handcrafted rowing machine with “Water Flywheel”
  • Flywheel is located in enclosed water tank (provides smooth, quiet and self-regulated resistance)
  • Series 4 performance monitor
  • In Use Dimensions: 82.25″ L x 22.25″ W x 19.625″ H
  • Stored Dimensions: 19.625″ Depth x 22.25″ W x 82.25 H
  • Weight: 88 Pounds / 40 Kilograms / 57 Kilograms (with 17 Liters of Water)

s1 rowing machine at home

WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine is available online through the official website of WaterRower or in any of its exclusive retail store partners.


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